Top 6 Unknown Requests Your Customer Success Manager can Help You With

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Running a business in home improvement and renovations is not easy. Finding new opportunities, building homeowner trust for your company, setting up a strong online presence and getting ahead of your competition can be very time-consuming. Your customer success manager can help you build a strong profile so you don’t have to worry about building your online presence.

1. Custom Description for Your Profile

When you create a HomeStars profile, it’s important to write a simple yet attractive description of your company in the profile. This profile description is the window for a homeowner in understanding your business, offerings and work culture. If you’re not sure how to write a compact yet meaningful description of your business for your HomeStars profile, your customer success manager can help you in no time! Our customer success managers are trained to help you write SEO-friendly company descriptions so you can put your best foot forward.

2. Uploading Cover Photo and Logo

A picture is worth a thousand words and having your company logo to go with your HomeStars business profile can create a huge impact on your online presence. Remember, your company logo and the cover picture will be the first thing a homeowner will see when they visit your profile. Adding a legit logo and cover photo will help you build trust with homeowners. If you don’t have a company logo or a cover photo, your customer success manager will assist you in getting a new logo. If you have a logo and an aesthetically pleasing cover image, they will help you resize and upload it to your profile.

3. Creating Custom Photo Galleries

As a home service professional you work extremely hard on different home renovation, repairs, maintenance and installation projects. Showcasing your successfully completed project is an amazing way to grab more eyeballs on your business profile. Your customer success manager can help you create custom photo galleries, tweak their names, update default galleries and upload them in a presentable way. If you have a multitude of pictures, they will help you sort out the best ones and also give you tips on how to take the best pictures of your work!

Custom photo gallery by Tip Top Trough, Gutters & Eavestrough specialists from Toronto, ON

For example, Tip Top Trough, Gutters & Eavestrough specialists from Toronto, ON have built this custom photo gallery in their HomeStars profile. With this specifically titled photo gallery, they proudly showcase their diverse portfolio to their clients.

4. Company Name Change Request

Every company should have a distinct name that separates them from the competition and imbibes what they stand for. However, if you have outgrown your business’s current name, if it’s causing brand confusion or if it’s failing to stand out, you can have it changed. Once you change your company’s name legally, your Customer Success Manager will help you reflect the right changes on your HomeStars profile as well. It’s a very simple process and won’t take more than 24 hours. After the name change, your company’s previous name will be reflected right beside your company logo.

Company name change for Pinoy Tile Contracting Ltd., tile & stone specialist company from Ave Burnaby, BC

For example, a community-reviewed tile & stone specialist company from Ave Burnaby, BC changed their name from Pinoy Tile And Stone to Pinoy Tile Contracting Ltd. with the help of their HomeStars Customer Success manager.

5. Changing Category on Profile Cover Picture

HomeStars helps you with exposure branding so you can get booked for projects you want to work on. If you’re registered under multiple categories but want to focus on one specific category, your Customer Success Manager can help you reflect that on your profile. Your Customer Success Manager will ensure that the category seen on your cover picture is the one you want to focus on. The rest of the categories will be a part of your profile description. This change will reflect for branding purposes only. Your company will still be considered for all the categories you are registered under.

Category change on profile picture for Raaks Reno from Mount Albert, Ontario

For example, Raaks Reno from Mount Albert, Ontario provides services for various renovation projects including bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation and basement renovation but wants to focus on getting more bathroom renovations projects. Their Customer Success Manager made tweaks in their profile reflecting the business needs that help them book more bathroom renovation projects.

6. Review Request Coaching

Having new recent reviews on your HomeStars profile is essential to building strong homeowner connections. If you have recent reviews on your profile, it shows project-ready homeowners your work consistency and recency. You can request reviews from your HomeStars for Pros app or from your desktop dashboard in a few easy steps. However, if you’re not sure how or when to ask for reviews, which language you should use while requesting reviews and how to reply to the reviews you received, HomeStars is here to help! Your Customer Success Manager can help you with all these tasks. They will help you write review request templates, coach you on do’s and don’ts of review requesting and will also share some special tips and tricks for homeowner trust-building.

HomeStars is in the business of growing yours’. We help you give your business the much-needed online boost to score more reviews, better star scores and higher chances of being hired by a project-ready homeowner as you get verified. Customer success managers at HomeStars help with all these requests while completing your onboarding journey when you create a HomeStars business profile. If you didn’t get a chance to connect with your manager, make most of your HomeStars membership account by getting in touch with them today!

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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