How To Choose Images For Your HomeStars Profile’s Photo Gallery

How To Choose Images For Your HomeStars Profile's Photo Gallery

Creating your custom gallery on your HomeStars profile is a great way to show off your hard work and make better homeowner connections. When project-ready homeowners browse through different pros’ profiles, an eye-catching profile with beautiful images can really stand apart from the competition.

Apart from impressing possible clients, images also benefit your HomeStars profile in many ways – like helping your profile’s SEO as it can pop up in image searches. While it may be tempting to upload everything on your camera roll, creating separate albums can really help lend that professional look to your profile. Here are a few tips on choosing images and creating custom galleries for your profile to help your profile shine:

Choose Before And After Images

Before and after photo templae

There are very few formats which are as impactful as a “Before and After”. It is also the perfect format to showcase your work whether you do small repairs or big projects. Seeing the difference you can make with your skills and tools is made easier with this format. Ensure to include an album like this especially if your work involves visual changes.

Club Similar Projects Together

As a home renovation or repair professional, you may be offering many services. Instead of confusing homeowners with multiple projects in one album, make sure to club similar projects together. This can help homeowners find what they are looking for in one album.

Showcase Your Speciality Tools Through Your Gallery

A contractor's helmet surrounded by various tools on a wooden backdrop

While many people may use custom galleries for just work photos, it is also a great way to show the state-of-the-art equipment you use for your projects. This is especially helpful for pros who need bigger or licensed equipment to execute projects. This album can help assure homeowners that they are working with the very best in the industry.

Show The Full Picture With A Focus On Your Work

A garden stone-pathway with plants on either side

While it can be tempting to take close-ups of your projects, it helps to show the full picture to your potential customers. If you have worked on a garden pathway with interlocking stones, you can focus on the pathway with the garden in the backdrop – this helps show the bigger picture without taking off the focus of your actual work.

Tell A Story Through Your Images

A photo divided into to show before and after kitchen renovation

A picture is worth a thousand words – this saying holds true to this day. Nothing draws in people like a good story and your work pictures are a great way to tell a fun story – whether it’s a bathroom renovation or a landscape design project – a walkthrough of the project in various stages and revealing the final picture, in the end, is a great way to tell the story.

As spring approaches, homeowners are getting ready to book their projects – so make sure to update your profile with beautiful custom galleries. To know more about how HomeStars can help you scale up your business, get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager!

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