4 Steps to an Unstoppable HomeStars Profile

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Equip your business to compete and thrive on the HomeStars platform by following these 4-steps to an unstoppable HomeStars profile. Our best pros follow these hacks to a tee!

1. Earn Homeowner Trust by Sporting the Verification Badge on Your Profile

The Verified badge tells homeowners you’re a safe choice for hire, and lets them know that you’re up-to-date in both your legal and professional requirements, and you’re a reliable business that they can safely bring into their homes.

The Verification process is quick easy – click here to watch the video.

2. Reviews Can Lead to More Jobs – Request 3 New Reviews per Month!

88% of consumers read reviews before making an online purchase, so make sure your profile has plenty of great reviews so homeowners can confidently hire your business. Not all homeowners, however, will take the time to write a review for your business, so aim to request at least 3 new reviews per month to increase your chances of getting new reviews published.

3. Respond to Leads First and On-The-Go with the HomeStars for Pros App!

Our most successful pros are fully connected and use the app every day. You’re notified of new leads, unanswered messages and unresponded to reviews in real-time. Responding to leads right away helps boost your Star Score, and increases your chances of winning the job from your competition!

4. Make a Great First Impression with an All-Star Profile

A polished profile with plenty of company details is essential to attracting and winning homeowners trust. Homeowners want to know that you’re a legitimate business, and half-complete profiles don’t cut it. Make sure to fill in all your company details, and include visuals of your previous work to showcase your level of expertise and past experience.

Complete each of these steps to increase homeowner connections and become an unstoppable pro on HomeStars!

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