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The foundation of HomeStars is built upon the honest and verified reviews submitted by our homeowner community. What sets HomeStars reviews apart from other online review sites is the fact that we have an entire team dedicated to verifying the content of your reviews -whether they are positive or negative, all are just as important. We take these extra measures to make sure you can feel confident hiring based on the reviews you read.

We encourage homeowners to submit reviews following the completion of any home improvement project. Prior to submitting your review, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our guidelines to ensure that the review you submit will get approved and posted.

  1. There must have been a financial transaction between the review writer and the company. Financial transaction is defined as a transfer of funds between the homeowner and the company. The review must relate to the repair, improvement, purchase, or construction undertaking, completed by a written contract. A financial transaction can also include refunds.
  2. All reviews must be constructive, avoiding accusatory and vulgar language, and must abide by Canadian Defamation laws.
  3. All reviews must exclude any personal and/or identifiable information. This includes using full names, name initials, phone numbers, email addresses , or private correspondences.
  4. All reviews must focus on the project completed by the company you had a contractual agreement with. Do not mention competing company names or additional company names in the review.
  5. A company can be reviewed up to 3 times by the same homeowner. Each review must focus on a different project, with at least 6 months between each review.
  6. All reviews must be a minimum of 30 words long and written in English.
  7. All reviews must be submitted with a valid email address and postal code of where the work was completed.
  8. All reviews must be original. Homeowners must edit their original review to respond to the company’s response.
  9. All reviews must be written by past customers who are unrelated and/or unaffiliated with the company. Family members, current or past employees cannot write reviews.
  10. Offering incentive or discount programs to homeowners in exchange for reviews is not allowed. No such reviews will be approved.
  11. All reviews must be non-commercial, meaning they cannot include promotional material or links to other websites.
  12. All reviews for companies should be left using a homeowner account. This includes companies hired to assist with a job at your home or place of work, or sub-contracting companies.
  13. Anyone writing a review or responding to a review on behalf of a company, must be over the age of 18.
  14. HomeStars will only remove reviews: a. At the request of the homeowner b. During an investigation c. Written by an unverified client

It is important that Homeowners report any review anomalies, such as discounts offered in exchange for a review or other contractual agreements that may impact the integrity of a review. These anomalies prohibit the review author from leaving their honest and factual experience with a company. If you come across one of these, contact or call our Home Support Team at (855) 569 0690

*HomeStars will not post – or once posted, will remove – any defamatory or accusatory language, profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech, personal attacks, or other content considered objectionable.

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