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To connect homeowners with the most reputable home service professionals.

We provide the tools you'll need to make a confident hiring decision for your next project.

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HomeStars Verified Businesses have successfully passed our rigorous screening process to help you hire safer and smarter. When you see the badge, you'll know that a contractor has been screened for what matters most to you.
Criminal Background

Feel safe inviting a Verified service professional into your home.

Credit Check

Be confident that your hard-earned money will be handled properly.

HST Registration

Hire a properly established and legally-recognised Canadian business.

Professional Licensing

Expect a job-well-done from a pro that has all of the required trade certifications.

Star Score

Every service professional has a score that measures what matters most when looking to hire.
Average Rating

The average score that homeowners have provided, weighted by factors like the age of the review.


How well a pro responds to reviews and review-related interactions with Homeowners and also considers the volume of reviews received for the company


How long it's been since the company last had a review published.


How well a company responds to service requests or reviews.


Need a second opinion? Read from hundreds of thousands of real reviews from homeowners across Canada.
Written by You

HomeStars is the leading platform for homeowners to share their experiences - both good and bad - with their community.

Strict Guidelines

Our guidelines ensure that only helpful and authentic reviews are published. In fact over 20% of submitted reviews are rejected.


Each review passes through a series of automated checks and is verified by an Integrity Analyst, who will even investigate when necessary.

Never Tampered With

We work hard to earn your trust. Paying for positive reviews, getting friends to leave good ratings and pressuring homeowners are not tolerated.

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