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HomeStars gives clients assurance that they are hiring the right company for their renovation

Michael Nersessian,

Kitchen Star

Toronto, ON

If I were to recommend HomeStars to my best friend, I would ask them would you like to have access to a tool that can grow your business? HomeStars is that tool and they will work with you to make a positive change

Michael Krotcher , Owner

Modern Purair

Vancouver, BC

HomeStars has positively impacted our business by allowing future customers to read solid, positive reviews from satisfied past customers

Derick McChesney, Owner

Swat Wildlife

Toronto, ON

HomeStars has been very beneficial in helping us build our online reputation and increase our online presence

Jake Knights, Owner

Knights Insulation

Vancouver, BC

HomeStars has created an honest space for customers to leave their reviews for future customers to explore. This has resulted in significant growth for New Era Moving!

Aaron Marmer, Owner

New Era Moving

Toronto, ON

HomeStars is essential in closing contracts, especially when the homeowner has multiple quotes to choose from. Our profile is usually one of the major deciding factors between us and our competition!

Daniel Dunsford, Owner

Pristine Roofing

Vancouver, BC

The HomeStars reviews and Star Score gives any potential clients the tools to hire our company confidently. We no longer have to spend wasted time explaining our references, we simply direct the client to our HomeStars profile, and they have all our info right there.

Sidney Brewery, Owner

Sullivan Handyman and Design Ltd

Vancouver, BC

HomeStars is, without a doubt, the least expensive and most effective way of promoting your business. It's the best way to connect and engage with our target audience on a budget.

Will Wientjes, Owner

The Tub Guys

Toronto, ON

HomeStars' user-friendly platform has made it easy for us to obtain positive reviews and showcase them online, and the leads we receive have been a great boost to the business!

Jeremy Nicol, Owner

Open Canopy Tree & Landscape

Calgary, AB

HomeStars is an incredibly valuable resource for businesses and researching customers. It provides leads for the business, and our customers know they are dealing with a reputable, legitimate company.

Stephen Elliott, Owner

Greater Vancouver Gutters Inc.

Vancouver, BC