How HomeStars Allows You to Be Selective in Your Projects

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One of the biggest challenges home service professionals are facing is being selective in the projects that come their way. Whether you run a big operation or a small family business, you should have the power of choosing projects you want to work on. If you’re more busy than usual, can’t manage the extra demand in your service industry or facing a labour shortage, HomeStars gives you the option to be selective in the project choice. You don’t have to say yes to each and every request that comes your way.

These exclusive HomeStars features help you pick the projects you really want to work on while maintaining your business’s reputation…

Custom Profile

With a HomeStars business account, you get a custom profile that works as a one-stop shop for your business. You can choose the categories you want to display on the profile, add a company logo and cover picture, create custom galleries, request unlimited reviews, add a custom profile description highlighting your strengths and much more. Using these small features in your custom business profile you can highlight the type of projects you want to work on. So when a homeowner visits your profile for a specific project, they know your expertise right away and choose you for that specific task. A custom profile is the easiest way to build your online brand and build a project-ready homeowner’s trust as they look for the right pro to hire.

Featured Ads on Competitor’s Profile

Featured Ads on Competitor’s Profile

When you have a claimed HomeStars profile, you must have seen your competitor’s ads on your profile page. This gives extra exposure to your competitors and the project-ready homeowners may choose them instead of you. By changing your claimed profile to a business profile, you not only stop your competitors from featuring on your online space but can get a chance to be featured on their profile! Get seen more and earn more projects of your choice with HomeStars featured ads.

HomeStars for Pros App

Download the HomeStars for Pros app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Create your business account with the help of your Customer Success Manager and sign in to the app.

HomeStars for Pros App is a business shop in your pocket! Only those service professionals who have a paid HomeStars account have access to the super easy and efficient HomeStars for Pros app. When a homeowner submits a quote request, you can easily accept the leads in one click and set up an auto-reply response to make the most of the new connections. The HomeStars for Pros app gives you the power to get booked for projects in real-time and much more.

HomeStars Best of Awards

How to Qualify for HomeStars 2022 Best of Awards

HomeStars Best of Awards is presented each year to honour pros who perform exceptionally when it comes to HomeStars’ three pillars of integrity, customer service, and consistency. Following strict criteria, the awards are given to the industry professionals who have a business account on HomeStars, have garnered the latest reviews and hold a shiny verification badge. Winning a HomeStars Best of Award in the category you want to succeed in, proved to homeowners that you’re the best pro for hire! Only 2.5% of service providers won a HomeStars Best of Awards in 2022 which helped them to be seen and chosen more compared to their competitors. This way you can be selectively chosen for the projects you want to work on.

If you already have a claimed HomeStars profile, you can easily get an upgrade by talking to a HomeStars representative today! Take advantage of all these amazing features to build your reputation in your industry just the way you want.

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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