Back to Basics: Get Familiar With the HomeStars Features Homeowners Trust

Get Familiar With the Features Homeowners Trust

Enhancing your online reputation has never been easier. Here are the tools designed to build homeowner confidence.

1. Verified Badge

HomeStars Verified Badge is the quickest way to signal to homeowners that you’re an experienced pro with all your professional requirements in order. Homeowners look for the Verified Badge when hiring because it indicates to them that you’re more qualified and trustworthy than competitors who aren’t.

The Verification process covers the following areas:

Criminal Background
Assures homeowners it’s safe to bring you into their homes.

Consumer Credit
Indicates to homeowners you’ll handle their hard-earned money with care.

Validates that your business is properly established and legally recognized in Canada.

Trade License
Guarantees all of your professional requirements are up to date.

2. Star Score

Your Star Score is a shifting calculation that reflects the quality of your work and customer service based on four key factors. Pros with higher Star Scores receive more exposure and their services are in higher demand.

HomeStars Star Score

Average Rating
Reflects the combined average scores you’ve received from homeowners. Newer scores are weighted more heavily than older scores.

Calculated based on how long it’s been since your company last had a review published.

More information about your company equals a better Reputation Score. Keep your listing up to date with accurate content and unbiased reviews.

Indicates how effectively you respond to homeowners’ quote requests and reviews.

3. Reviews

Homeowner reviews are the key to building your company’s online reputation with HomeStars and landing more jobs. 98% of homeowners say they read reviews before making purchases, and 62% of homeowners consider reviews to be the most important factor when hiring.

HomeStars Review Process

Request Reviews
With so much information at their fingertips, modern homeowners don’t make hiring decisions until they’ve read customer reviews. The more reviews you request, the greater your chances are of being hired.

Strict Moderation Guidelines
Homeowners can be certain the reviews about your business are authentic because our dedicated review moderation team has strict guidelines in place to make sure all reviews are relevant, valid, and unbiased.

Respond to Reviews
Let homeowners know you value their feedback by responding to each review that comes in. Use this as an opportunity to thank homeowners for sharing their experiences and clear up any lingering issues.

Showcase Reviews
Show off your positive reviews by publishing them on your social media accounts or by adding the HomeStars review widget to your website.

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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