Your Company Logo: Why It’s Important to Help Build Your Brand

Company Logo on HomeStars Profile

On HomeStars, project-ready homeowners have the option to compare different service providers before making a hiring decision. 43.6% of homeowners are more likely to hire pros who have pictures of previous work completed and a legitimate company logo on their HomeStars profile. Pros who have a HomeStars business profile can create custom photo galleries and upload their company logo to build that strong trustworthy homeowner connection.

An attractive and relevant business logo goes a long way in helping you create a strong brand image for your business. A logo can help you stand apart from your competition and create an instant visual connection with customers. A good logo helps deliver and convey your brand identity without the need for lengthy explanations. When a homeowner is browsing through search results on HomeStars, they’re looking at your reviews, Star Score, and your logo.

Why Does a Logo Matter to My Home Improvement Business?

You may be a pro who does great work and provides excellent customer service, which is crucial to growing your business. But without a strong logo, homeowners may have a hard time recognizing and trusting your brand, especially when looking to recommend you to their friends. Here are the four key reasons why a strong logo matters to your business.

1. Improves Brand Recognition

When homeowners see your logo on HomeStars and elsewhere, it helps you strengthen brand recognition and recall. Be sure to include your logo on all promotional materials so that customers associate your brand with your logo.

2. Provides a Professional Look

A good logo brings legitimacy and integrity to your business by giving it a professional look and feel. When potential customers see your logo, they should think, ‘this must be a real and legitimate company’. Not having a logo can cause them to think otherwise and second guess their decision to hire you.

3. Communicate What Services You Offer

When potential customers see your logo, they should understand what services you provide and the industry you are in, right away, without the need for guesswork. For example, if you’re a roofing company, adding a roof peak to your logo could be a nice way to convey to generate leads and why you’re the right pro for the job.

4. Builds a Lasting Experience

When you complete a home improvement project successfully, your name and logo can have a resonating effect in your client’s minds that they’ll later associate with the experience of working with you. Every time they see your logo, they should be reminded of the positive experience they had with you, potentially improving your chances of getting hired again or receiving a referral down the line.

Tips to Creating a Great Logo Design

Now that you know why logos are important, let’s dive into what should be considered when designing your own logo or having a professional do it for you.

1. Choose the Right Colour Palette for Your Business

Colours drive emotions and have a unique impact and meaning for different people. For example, blues are often associated with wisdom, loyalty, sophistication and respectability, whereas yellow can be perceived as friendly, cheerful, energetic and positive. Think about your brand identity and the experience you want your brand to foster within clients when choosing the right colour pallette.

2. Create a Scalable Logo for Multi-Purpose Usage

Creating a logo that can be placed on something as large as a lawn sign or scaled down to a profile picture is incredibly important. The details on your logo should be clearly visible and readable in many sizes. You will be marketing your business across many platforms like HomeStars and your Facebook business page, so ensuring your logo’s scaleable and can be used in various sizes will aid in its success.

3. Think About Your Font

Similar to colours, you want to choose a font type that reflects your brand and the impression you want to convey to homeowners. Are you an interior designer looking to convey sophistication and elegance? Maybe you’ll choose a font like Attika. Or perhaps you’re a home builder looking for something on the bold and impactful side, and something Lovelo is the best choice for your business.

How Do I Upload My Logo on HomeStars?

To upload your logo on your HomeStars profile, watch our tutorial about “5 Steps to Creating an All-Star Profile” or get in touch with your HomeStars Account Manager for further assistance.

Here are the specs for your logo on your HomeStars profile:

  • Image size (min): 400px x 400px
  • Image format: PNG/JPG

An attractive and relevant business logo that is recognizable to customers and aligns with your brand goes a long way in helping you create a strong brand image for your business.

Upgrade your profile today so you can upload your company logo to your profile and create custom photo galleries!

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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