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I hired RFG construction to create a separate legal entrance for me along with cutting in some new windows. I provided him with the architectural drawings and we agreed on a price and I signed a contract. In a nutshell what happened is I gave him a significant deposit early on and he did some sloppy incomplete work and then demanded more money to return to the jobsite and ultimately did not complete the job and disappeared. The quality of all his work completed was very poor. He didn’t understand and/or follow the architectural drawings properly. THerefore the footing he established needed to be demolished as he didn't install insulation underneath as indicated in the drawings. The window openings he cut were cut crooked and need further finishing work. He had his HVAC guys come and dismount and move my AC unit and reconnect it but they didn’t remount it and so i needed to have that work redone as well. They also had poor workmanship. He unnecessarily damaged the fenceposts/gates, landscaping, one window, and the cover for my fireplace. See pics. Essentially all the work he did was sloppy and unprofessional. I highly recommend you do not hire RFG construction

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