Star Reviewers

Reviews written by our Star Reviewers are the bricks and mortar HomeStars is built on – their content helps fellow homeowners make better hiring decisions and holds companies accountable for the work they do. Become a Star Reviewer! Write a Review

What is a star reviewer?

Star reviewers are our most loyal users. When you see a bronze, silver or gold badge on a user’s profile it means they contribute compelling content, often. We like to keep an element of mystery to what exactly qualifies someone as a Star Reviewer. Part of it involves the number of reviews a homeowner writes, but the other determining factors have to do with the content of their reviews and how often they contribute to our community. When you see this badge on a homeowner profile it was earned authentically.

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Bronze Star Reviewer

Welcome to the club! These reviewers turn to HomeStars not only to read reviews to find the best contractors, but to help other people do the same.

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Silver Star Reviewer

These reviewers know hiring well takes careful research and use HomeStars' arsenal of tools to do it. Eager members of our growing community.

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Gold Star Reviewer

Resident expert. Whether the project is big or small, these reviewers know who to hire and how. They have built up a collection of reviews and our team knows and trusts your content.

First to Review Badge

First to Review

The first person to write about a company earns our First to Review badge. If you can't find the company on our list, you can add them and get started.

Benefits of being a Star Reviewer

  • Contractors you may hire will know they’re dealing with a savvy homeowner.
  • Every month a prize will be awarded to one Bronze, one Silver, and one Gold Star Reviewer. Check out this month's prizes.
  • Reviews from Silver and Gold Star Reviewers will be more prominent on company listings, since they have the most experience writing reviews.
  • Gold Star Reviewers will be invited to appear on our home page in the comfort of their beautifully refinished home.
  • Most importantly, you will be recognized by all members of our community for regularly contributing meaningful and helpful content to our site.