Popular Home Improvement Jobs for Winter 2023 And How To Get Them via HomeStars

Popular Home Improvement Jobs for Winter 2023 (And, How To Get Them via HomeStars Profile Updates)

As the temperature starts to dip, many home service professionals may begin to think that it’s the start of the slow season for business. While the major exterior and landscape renovations do come to a halt, not every home repair or renovation is pushed to next summer. Apart from emergency repairs, there are some winter home improvement jobs that begin to pick up during this time of the year. Whether it’s making their home ready for holidays and hosting, or getting seasonal tasks done, many homeowners do have a to-do list for winters. And that’s where you can step in to get more opportunities for your home renovation or repair business. 

At HomeStars, as we are in the business of growing your home improvement business, we dug deep into data to make a list of all the service types that homeowners typically look for during the winter season. 

12 Trending Winter Home Improvement Jobs For Home Service Pros

1. Snow Removal Services

Needless to say, snow removal services top the list when it comes to winter seasonal jobs needed by Canadian homeowners. As the weather gets colder and it starts to snow, many homeowners are unable to clear their driveways and sidewalks, especially after big snowstorms. From putting salt on the driveways to clearing accumulated snow – homeowners choose to either schedule regular snow removal services or get them done as needed. In fact, after blizzards and severe snowstorms, many require these urgent services at short notice, so if you can offer last-minute snow removal, make sure to advertise the same on HomeStars. 

2. Fixing Faucets and Fixtures

Faucets being fixed

The cold weather doesn’t only create jobs for snow removal – the dipping temperature can often cause pipes to freeze or break. Thus many homeowners face issues with their faucets and other water fixtures, including but not limited to water heating issues, water leakage from pipes, frozen pipes and more. If you offer these services, you are sure to get more winter seasonal jobs as the weather starts to get colder. 

3. HVAC Services To Prepare For Cold Winters

With the sudden onset of winter, many homeowners are forced to turn on their heating systems without any prior notice. After months of not being in use, these HVAC systems can accumulate dust, and allergens or may simply need a quick service to ensure efficient working conditions. This is usually done in Fall and before snowfall, to remove and service all the home’s HVAC system. Sometimes, people may also need to replace parts or cover up summer parts like AC units outside the home. 

4. Bathroom Repair and Renovation

Service professional installing a mirror in a bathroom

As the weather cools down and outdoor tasks become difficult, people often focus on their pending indoor renovations and repairs. Among popular winter seasonal jobs, bathroom repair and renovation is a top priority among homeowners. Whether it’s updating fixtures and faucets or renovating the full bathroom – a facelift for the bathroom not only increases the ROI of the house but also lends a fresh and welcoming feel during the dark and gloomy winters. 

5. Gutters and Eavestrough Cleaning 

Eavestrough cleaning

With Fall comes the falling leaves and while many communities get help for cleanup, one major part that is often overlooked is the gutter and eavestrough. So when it starts to snow, these can cause blockages and lead to severe damage and dampness. Just at the end of Fall and the beginning of winter, homeowners like to schedule gutter and eavestrough cleaning to ensure that they are not clogged by fallen leaves. 

6. Appliance Repairs 

As the holiday season gets closer and people begin to prep their homes for hosting, they want to ensure that their appliances are in top-notch condition. From servicing to part replacement or even fixing minor problems – this is the season when many homeowners choose to get their appliances repaired. If you repair appliances – from kitchen appliances to washers and dryers and other essentials, this is the season where you can get more jobs. 

7. Handyman Services For Winter Tasks

If you are a handyman, you can offer your services at this time as homeowners require a multitude of tasks done around the house to prep their home for the holiday season. From patchwork on walls to installing new appliances or cabinets and even putting up the Christmas lights – there are many things to be done around the house at this time. It’s a good idea to offer bundle packages for the services you offer so homeowners can get everything in one package. 

8. Deep Cleaning or Home Cleaning Services

As homeowners begin to make their homes ready for holiday hosting, they would need a hand with cleaning up their homes. Many homeowners choose to get a deep cleaning done at the time to ensure that their home stays clean through the next few months. As many often get other services done during this time like home repairs and bathroom renovation, they may also need help in clearing any debris and making the space look inviting. 

9. Organization and Storage Solutions 

If you are in the interior design space, this can be a good season for your business. Many homeowners opt to organize their garages, closets and other spaces in their homes. If you offer storage or organization solutions, you can highlight them on your profile, and connect with homeowners who are looking for these services. People often choose to work on interior projects like these during winters and with the hybrid work model becoming more popular, this is the time many homeowners would want to convert some space in their into a home office. 

10. Painting Projects 

Contrary to popular belief, the cold and dry winter actually makes for optimal conditions for painting a home. Homeowners choose non-toxic and less volatile paints that do not need to be aired out for their painting projects. If you offer painting services, it’s a good time to advertise these services along with any seasonal promotions to generate painting request leads. Make sure to include the types of paint that are popular during this time, to make sure that homeowners are sure about getting your services. 

11. Landscaping for Winter

Many homeowners choose this time to prepare their yards for the winter season. This includes raking leaves, clearing up the garden, adding winter fertilizers, using cool-weather grass seeds, covering plant beds and much more. If you are a landscaping company, you can highlight these services on your profile and connect with homeowners in your service areas. 

12. Upgrading Lighting Fixtures

With the cold and dark days coming up, many homeowners choose to upgrade their lighting fixtures during this time of year. Whether it’s adding new fixtures or replacing old ones, there are many creative ways to lighten up the space and lend it a nice warm touch during the cold months. Whether you are an interior decorator or electrician, homeowners can come to you for such electrical requests

How To Get These Winter Home Improvement Jobs at HomeStars?

Popular Home Improvement Jobs for Winter 2023 (And, How To Get Them via HomeStars Profile Updates)

When it comes to helping you grow your business, our work doesn’t end at just letting you know the top seasonal tasks. We will also share some invaluable tips on how to get them and convert more of these opportunities: 

  • Choose the right categories of tasks
    When creating your profile on HomeStars, it’s important to choose the tasks and services that you offer to your customers. This is known as the displayed category. As the season changes, you may decide to add on new tasks. When you do so, it’s important to upgrade your service category so you get the right kind of leads. If you want to add seasonal tasks or change your category of work, you can get in touch with your customer success manager.
  • Choosing the right area of work
    Whether you are expanding your areas of work or changing the location of your office, it’s important to update the same information across all your online profiles. This ensures that your profile gets recognized locally and you connect with homeowners in your area of work.
  • Setting up automated replies
    Typically homeowners want to hear back from service professionals within the first 12 hours of raising a service request. This window is even smaller when it’s an urgent task like snow removal or appliance repair, so by setting up automated replies on your HomeStars profile, you don’t miss out on these leads.
  • Offer Deals for Winter Seasonal Jobs
    If you offer these winter jobs it’s a good idea to offer deals to your connections at the time, so they are more likely to convert into customers. Whether it’s a promo code or a bundle package, there are many ways to entice homeowners to become your customers.
  • Showcase services through Featured Ads
    At HomeStars, if you have a premium profile, you can add a Featured Ad to your profile to quickly draw attention to seasonal services and promos. These ads are placed on top of relevant homeowner searches and even on unpaid competitors’ profiles. This generates more visibility for your business.
  • Add more services to your HomeStars profile If you have a landscaping business, you can snow removal equipment in the winter to offer snow removal services. Likewise, landscaping companies can offer winterizing yard services in the colder months. Depending on your expertise, team size and equipment, you can add more services to your HomeStars profile to get more homeowner connections.
  • Showcase Winter Home Improvement Jobs through a Custom Gallery
    As a premium HomeStars member, you can set up custom galleries on your profile. You can use these galleries to put seasonal jobs that you offer at the front and centre of your profile. As most homeowners like to see photos of the work, this increases your chances of getting hired.

If you would like to know more about how HomeStars can help you grow your business, get in touch with us today! 

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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