Home Improvement Marketing: 16 Powerful Ideas

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In today’s world, it can be extremely difficult to market your service without some effort. While the good old word-of-mouth referral may have worked for many, it is slowly moving into a digital space. At HomeStars, we have built a strong digital platform and taken the power of word-of-mouth referrals online. As we are in the business of growing yours, we want to make marketing simple for you. We understand that you want to concentrate on developing your trade so we have done the homework for you. Marketing your home improvement business can be broadly divided into offline and online efforts and here’s a complete list of things you can do to cover all your bases!

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1. Home Improvement Marketing Through Your Website

Having an online presence is becoming more and more important with every passing day. You can build your own website to market your business to get an online presence. A business website can be a powerful tool in your online marketing efforts. While it need not be very elaborate, there are some best practices for a business website. If you do not have the expertise to create your website, there are online tools to help you build one or you can hire a web developer to build one for you. The website can also help you host a blog for your business which can help boost your SEO and connect you with more customers.

2. Build Your Company’s Brand On Social Media

There’s no denying that it’s important to maintain the online reputation of your business and your brand’s social media presence can help you do just that. Social media can also help you with better brand recall and stay on top of homeowners’ minds. By building your brand on social media, you can showcase your best work, reviews and so much more in creative ways.

3. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

There’s hardly anything we don’t “Google” or search online before making a purchase or hiring decision. When homeowners look for your business online, you want to make sure that they get the most accurate and best results. One way to do that is by creating and maintaining your Google My Business listing. This also helps homeowners in your community to find you more easily. You can also maintain your online reputation with Google alerts, track industry news and do so much more!

4. Use Digital Advertising To Target Clients

As the average person spends just under 7 hours on the internet it would be a good space to advertise your business. From YouTube and Facebook ads to display ads and PPC, there’s a wide range of digital marketing efforts you can explore for your business. Digital ads unlike traditional advertising offer customization with regards to location, demographics, browsing habits and so much more, that it is possible to reach your potential customer with just a few clicks.

5. Home Improvement Marketing Through Emails

Email marketing offers numerous benefits for a home improvement business. It enables you to retain existing clients by staying in touch, nurturing potential leads with informative content, and promoting special offers and discounts effectively. You can provide educational resources, showcase success stories, and encourage customer reviews to build trust and demonstrate the quality of your work. Personalized recommendations and segmented campaigns allow you to tailor messages to specific customer groups, while re-engagement campaigns can win back disengaged subscribers. With detailed tracking and analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven improvements. Email marketing is cost-effective, scalable, and allows for automation, ensuring timely and consistent communication with your audience. It can also help generate referrals and word-of-mouth business. However, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with relevant email marketing regulations to maintain a positive reputation.

6. Boost Organic Traffic Through SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) offers a multitude of benefits to a home improvement business. By optimizing your website’s content, structure, and meta tags, SEO increases online visibility, attracting targeted organic traffic from potential customers actively seeking your services. This enhanced visibility not only builds trust and credibility but also provides a cost-effective, long-term home imrpovement marketing strategy. SEO empowers your business to compete effectively with larger companies, particularly in local markets and improves the user experience with a well-organized, mobile-friendly website. It also offers valuable insights through analytics, enabling data-driven refinements for sustained growth, making it an indispensable tool for long-term success in the home improvement industry.

7. Content Marketing for Home Improvement Marketing

Content marketing is a valuable strategy for home improvement businesses. By creating informative and engaging content, such as blog posts, videos, and infographics, you can position your business as an authority in the industry. This not only establishes trust with potential customers but also drives organic traffic to your website. Content marketing allows you to showcase your expertise, offering tips, advice, and insights related to home improvement projects. Additionally, it can highlight your portfolio of completed projects, giving prospects a clear view of your skills and capabilities. Always ensure that you are looking up relevant keywords in your service category and writing around these topics to make the blogs rank higher organically. Over time, content marketing builds a loyal audience, fosters client relationships, and reinforces your brand’s reputation as a go-to resource for home improvement solutions, ultimately driving business growth and success.

8. Showcase Online Reviews for Your Home Improvement Business

Reviews play a pivotal role in a home improvement online marketing strategy. They help in bolstering a home improvement business’s reputation and credibility. Positive reviews not only build trust with potential customers but also provide social proof of your quality services and satisfied clients. These reviews act as powerful endorsements, influencing the decision-making process of prospects. Responding promptly and professionally to reviews, both positive and negative, showcases your commitment to customer satisfaction, further enhancing your image. Moreover, a robust collection of authentic reviews not only improves your search engine visibility but also helps your business stand out in a competitive market, ultimately driving more inquiries and conversions for your home improvement services. Conduct regular online checks for your business as homeowners may have listed your website on online directories to leave a review – so ensure that you respond to all of them in a timely manner.

9. Offer Seasonal Promos to Attract Customers

Seasonal promotions are a highly effective strategy among teh top home improvement marketing ideas. These promotions capitalize on the ebb and flow of demand that naturally occurs throughout the year, making them a strategic tool for managing the cyclical nature of the industry. During different seasons, homeowners have varying needs and priorities for home improvement projects. For example, spring often brings a surge in landscaping and outdoor renovation projects as people prepare their gardens and outdoor living spaces for warmer weather. Summer sees an uptick in requests for air conditioning and cooling system installations, while fall and winter are prime times for indoor renovations, such as kitchen and bathroom remodels or heating system upgrades.

By aligning your promotions with these seasonal trends, you can attract customers who are actively seeking services related to the time of year. Seasonal promotions also create a sense of urgency and excitement among potential customers. Limited-time offers or exclusive deals encourage homeowners to take action and make decisions promptly, knowing that they can secure savings or additional value by doing so. This can lead to a surge in inquiries and bookings, especially as the season approaches or transitions. Furthermore, seasonal promotions provide an excellent opportunity to engage with your existing customer base. Sending out newsletters or email campaigns that highlight upcoming seasonal deals not only keeps your brand top-of-mind but also encourages repeat business from satisfied clients who may have additional projects or maintenance needs.

10. Partner with HomeStars

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For home improvement professionals, seeking tailored solutions to enhance their businesses, forging partnerships with industry organizations can be an incredibly effective strategy. When you join HomeStars, a wealth of invaluable resources becomes readily accessible, custom-tailored to spotlight your home improvement business. This collaborative alliance encompasses the creation of a comprehensive profile, meticulously showcasing your licenses, expertise, and a portfolio replete with completed projects. This precision-crafted profile customization empowers you to align your offerings precisely with the specific needs and preferences of homeowners, thereby significantly amplifying your potential to attract well-matched clients.

The benefits of joining HomeStars are multi-fold – some of them include building a strong brand presence online, maintaining your online reputation through HomeStars reviews, boosting your business’ SEO through your profile, getting visibility in front of 8 million annual website visitors and more. HomeStars offers an impressive array of trust-building metrics, prominently featuring the Star Score and Verified Badge, both serving as potent instruments to communicate your business’s sterling reputation to homeowners actively seeking services in your category. Our Verification Badges, in particular, stand as a symbol of approval, instilling confidence in homeowners by signifying that your business has undergone a rigorous screening process under the scrutiny of our organization. This not only reinforces trust but also elevates your overall credibility in the eyes of prospective clients. Furthermore, we diligently validate customer reviews, thereby safeguarding your profile against unverified negative feedback while magnifying your positive standing.

In addition to these confidence-boosting measures, our distinguished Best of Awards represent the pinnacle of recognition within the home improvement industry, further enhancing the prominence of your profile. These coveted accolades are highly esteemed distinctions that set your business apart from the competition, positioning you as an exceptional choice for homeowners looking to hire in your category. Furthermore, by aligning with HomeStars, you gain access to a wide range of marketing resources such as lawn signs and vehicle decals that can effectively help spread the word about your business and enhance your visibility in the market.

11. Download the HomeStars for Pros app

Recognizing the demanding nature of operating a home improvement business, we understand that business owners often find themselves deeply engaged in work or frequently on the go for site visits. With the HomeStars for Pros app, managing your home improvement enterprise becomes exceptionally convenient. This user-friendly app empowers you to effortlessly handle business leads, promptly respond to customer reviews, and efficiently access other critical aspects of your profile directly through your smartphone. Furthermore, you have the capability to configure automated responses via the app, ensuring swift replies to new leads, even when you’re preoccupied with ongoing projects. Additionally, you can take full advantage of the Vacation Mode feature, which allows you to communicate to customers when you are temporarily unavailable, ensuring a professional and courteous approach to client interactions even during your well-deserved time off.

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12. Market Your Business Through Your Vehicle

Did you know that your business vehicle can be an active tool in offline marketing without any effort? Whether you are customizing your vehicle paint and style or using HomeStars vehicle decals for reviews and award badges, it can help spread the word about your business while you are on the road.

13. Use the Business Branding as Offline Marketing

From branded lawn signs to signage on fences – there’s no end to the ways you can market your business offline through branded standees, displays etc. When you start working a job, you can display your brand on a small sign or a yard sign to showcase your business in the community.

14. Participate in Industry Events

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Industry events like exhibitions and real estate expos for home improvement can be a good opportunity to market your business offline. Apart from meeting other industry pros like yourself, you can also meet potential customers. As a premium member of HomeStars, your business can also be eligible for a Best of Award, which is a networking and awards event for service professionals like yourself. It is a good platform to showcase your business and winning the award has many benefits, like making better homeowner connections.

15. Share Your Business Listing on Community Bulletin Boards

Homeowners are always looking for trusted service professionals, vetted by their community. If anybody has an urgent repair, they are more likely to reach out to pros who are in their area. By putting up flyers and business cards on community bulletin boards, you are letting homeowners know that you are ready to take up jobs in the area.

16. Use Direct Mail and Flyers to Reach Customers

If you know homeowners in the community or it is the time for seasonal jobs that you offer, you can use direct mail or your business flyers to market your business offline. Project-ready homeowners looking for pros in their area are more likely to choose local service providers in their area. So it offers a good marketing opportunity for your business.

Use these marketing tips to spread the word about your business and get more homeowner connections. If you want to know more about how HomeStars can help you grow your business, get in touch with your dedicated account manager today!

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