4 Benefits of Vehicle Wraps for Your Home Improvement Business

Vehicle Decals

Signage is an important tool in your promotional marketing kit. It can help you build brand awareness and help get your business in front of more homeowners. One of the most effective types of signage for pros on-the-go are vehicle wraps. Whether you’re a home service pro in the Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver, or anywhere in between, you’ve likely come across a pro with a sweet vehicle wrap. Read on to learn how this unique form of advertising can help drive awareness and boost your business, and how placing HomeStars’ decals on company vehicles can help increase visits to your profile.

What are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are large graphics “wrapped” around a business’s vehicle. The most effective wraps should include your business name, logo, contact details, website, and HomeStars logo so homeowners know where to find you to read your reviews. Vehicle wraps are a great way to generate brand awareness and attract the interest of potential customers throughout your neighborhood. You can have your entire vehicle wrapped or do partial sections. One of the advantages of vehicle wraps is that they are replaceable, meaning if you ever change your phone number or logo, or win a new award, your wrap can be updated as well. Let’s take a closer look at some more benefits of branded vehicle wraps.

1. Vehicle Wraps Can Help You Reach a Larger Audience

Depending on how many vehicles your business owns, how often they are on the road and how far they travel, the sky’s the limit on potential reach to homeowners. With a vehicle wrap, your business name and phone number can be displayed to countless prospects when on the go, helping you showcase your business to new audiences and homeowners.

2. Vehicle Wraps Turn Commuting Into an Advertising Opportunity

Many reno or repair pros are on the road driving from project to project, daily. Pros who work on smaller jobs like appliance repairs could potentially service 5+ clients in a day, all in different locations. In these cases, driving times may be extensive, so what better way to convert a tedious task like commuting into an advertising opportunity with a vehicle wrap?

3. Vehicle Wraps Can Enhance Brand Credibility

You already know the importance of consistently showcasing a strong brand and how this directly impacts your reputation and credibility. Many pros promote their brand on business cards, company shirts, quote templates, email signatures, and their HomeStars profiles. Why not go the extra mile and brand your vehicles? Homeowners respect signage that shares with them who is at their door-step, and appreciate consistency throughout their experience working with you. Rather than showing up in a blank white van, show up to your job in style with a vehicle wrap that showcases your brand.

4. Vehicle Wraps Boost Brand Recognition in Your Local Community

The people who will see your vehicle wrap the most are those in your service area. Local marketing can produce outstanding results because many homeowners like to do business with local businesses. The more familiar and acquainted they become with your brand and signage, the more likely they are to remember you when they require a pro for their reno or repair project. Leave a lasting impression in your community by wrapping your vehicle in company branding.

Place “Verified by HomeStars” or “Read Our Review” Decals on Company Vehicles

Once you have a vehicle wrap in place, it’s time to promote your HomeStars profile. While your company name and phone number are a good start, you want to share why homeowners should reach out, and HomeStars decals help with this. For example, if you’re a Verified pro, request complimentary Verification decals and place them on your vehicles for added trust. Or, if you have a portfolio of glowing reviews, share this on your vehicles with “Read our Review” decals and help encourage profile visits on the road.

When vehicle wraps and HomeStars decals are used in combination, they can help drive homeowner connections as well as homeowner visits to your profile. Check out vehicle wrap solutions online near you, and consider this visually-driven marketing tactic to help get your business in front of more homeowners today!

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