What Is A HomeStars Verified Badge?

HomeStars Verification Badge On Mobile Screen

The HomeStars Verified Badge is the sign of trusted home service professionals. As millions of Canadian homeowners visit HomeStars to find the right pro for their projects, we undertake a process of screening and checks for the pros so homeowners can hire confidently. With a shiny Verified Badge on their profile, homeowners are more likely to trust the pro and reach out to them for their jobs at hand. Moreover, the Verified Badge has to be renewed every two years so that homeowners know that the profile is updated. Let’s take a look at the process of getting verified and understand why it’s important for pros to get verified.

Why Get The HomeStars Verified Badge?

Gain Homeowners’ Trust

When homeowners visit profiles of pros on HomeStars, there are many things that they can check to know more about the pro while establishing the credibility and trustworthiness of the business. Apart from Star Score and Reviews, the Verified Badge is an online stamp of approval that tells a project-ready homeowner that the pro can be trusted with the projects.

Qualify For HomeStars Best of Awards

As a verified pro on HomeStars, you can qualify for the Best of Awards, which will be added to your profile when you win the award. 75% of homeowners prefer a Best of HomeStars Award winner for their project. These awards help you stand apart from the competition to score more opportunities.

Stand Out From The Competition

When you get HomeStars’ Verified Badge, you are more likely to get noticed by homeowners. The badge is located on your profile right next to your Star Score. It helps your company build trust with project-ready homeowners in just one glance.

What Does The HomeStars Verification Process Include?

We conduct screening checks for businesses based on the legal business name, HST/GST number and registered owner’s name provided to us at the time of registration. Here are the checks that are conducted by the HomeStars team:

Criminal Background Check

We conduct a criminal records check on service professionals via a third party, ISB Global Services (ISB), the leading employment background check company. Their​​ Premium National Criminal Record Check is a comprehensive background check for employment purposes that covers both the National Repository of Criminal Records (CPIC) as well as the local police station, to ensure the check is thorough.


As most service professionals in Canada need to have a license to practice their work, we include license checks in our verification process. While there can be many different types of licenses, we look for provincial or federal licenses in their line of business which would allow them to practice their trade in the chosen province. Many Pros may also choose to hire sub-contractors to finish jobs, and in such cases, we advise homeowners to check every individual’s license who is working on the project.

Online And Social Media Search

As an added precaution to other checks, we also sometimes conduct an online search for the business name or the registered owner’s name. This search is also carried out on social media channels to ensure the credibility of the business and to make sure that nothing is missed.

Soft Credit Check

A soft credit check is conducted for the 12 months prior to being HomeStars verified. This includes checking for any significant provincial-level civil legal judgments or any type of liens entered against the owner/principal of business as well as bankruptcy filings by or against the owner/principal.

How To Get HomeStars Verified?

Getting verified on HomeStars is easy!

Step 1: Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to share the details

Step 2: Receive an email that will help submit all the information required

Step 3: Wait for 48 hours while checks are conducted

Step 4: Get the Verified Badge on your profile

Ready to bank on all the advantages a HomeStars Verification Badge has to offer? Sign up with HomeStars today or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to know more!

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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