6 Key Components to a Professional Company Website

6 Key Components to a Professional Company Website

Having a website in the home improvement space is essential in helping you secure more business and gain homeowner trust. Homeowners are looking at multiple resources when hiring a business for their reno or repair project, and your website is no exception. All the marketing you do from having a profile on HomeStars, to pay per click advertising, social media, and more should drive back to your website. It is the backbone of your online presence and is a crucial part of the homeowner’s research journey.  With that mind, we’ve broken down the key components of a website that is hiring material and will help you in converting more website leads into paying customers!

A Clear Professional Logo Throughout

A logo is something that represents your business and builds brand recognition. It is an item that will help homeowners recognize your business outside of your website, just like company vehicles, online advertisements, etc. To build recognition, make sure your logo is of high quality and is prominently placed across your website (is visible on every page, in the same spot). That way when a homeowner is moving from page to page they will consistently be reminded subconsciously of your businesses’ branding.

The Home Improvement People’s logo is placed in the far left corner and is visible on every page of their website. 

Have a Visible Phone Number On Each Page

In some instances, homeowners will need to reach you FAST when facing an emergency repair issue like a plumbing disaster. Ensure that your number is easily visible on the home page and carries through the homeowner’s journey, from page to page. That way, when one of your website visitors reads your reviews and is ready to hire your business, they have immediate contact information helping you see more calls and more closed jobs.



Harris Plumbing has their phone number located on every page in the right-hand corner for easy visibility. 

Add a HomeStars Review Widget

One of the hottest leads is a homeowner visiting your website; they’re looking to learn more about who you are and what sets you apart from the competition. Showcasing your HomeStars reviews directly on your website is a great way to build credibility and help keep homeowners on your website longer. You can learn how to add yours by watching “How to Add the Review Widget”.

The Home Improvement Group has its HomeStars review widget placed directly on their homepage.

Ensure your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Homeowners are online more than ever before, and that includes researching on their mobile devices. A great user experience is everything, so you need to ensure that your website is suitable for all devices (desktop, mobile, and tablets). This is where a web designer can help you. They will know the in’s and out’s about optimizing your website for a good user experience, and can build you a responsive web design that looks great on all devices.

PRO TIP: You can test how mobile-friendly your website is with the Google Mobile-Friendly Tool.

Include Photo Galleries of Your Previous Work

Adding photo galleries to your website allows you to present previous examples of your work to prospects and demonstrate your workmanship. Your website is the place to highlight before and after photos and create organized galleries sharing the types of services you provide.


Green Side Up has done an excellent job of organizing their galleries by services.

Use Real Pictures on Your Website Where Possible

Homeowners are becoming smarter and more mindful of who they do business with. Even something as simple as stock photography can feel shady and untrustworthy in the eyes of a researching homeowner. Take some time to take original photos. Think about showcasing your company vehicles, your team in uniform, and before and after photos of finished jobs. Anything that is legitimate and high quality makes for a more real and authentic experience of what they can expect when working with you.

In addition to the above, there are endless components that make for a great website and user experience, including chatbots/live chat plugins, contact forms, blogs and more, but when first assessing or building a website, keep it simple. Make sure your logo and phone number are visible on every page, showcase reviews with the HomeStars review widget, keep it mobile-friendly, and include photos of your best work.

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