How HomeStars Best Of Awards Drive Homeowner Connections

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Initiated in 2008, the HomeStars’ Best of Awards are awarded yearly to pros who have exceeded the expectations of Canadian homeowners year after year. Depending on the criteria you meet, your business can be eligible for three types of awards – Best of Newly Listed, Best of Award and Best of the Best. Winning the award has many benefits; perhaps the best is driving better connections with homeowners. And here’s how it’s done!

Best of Award Shows Your Quality Work

Contrary to popular belief, the Best of Award is only given to the top 2.5% of pros, making it a coveted award. As it is awarded based on our three pillars of integrity, customer service and consistency, it speaks to these qualities, which are also on the top of homeowners’ minds. As the awards are given based on the criteria of reviews, Star Score and other factors, it tells potential clients about your quality of work. It stands as a testimony to your work and this assures homeowners that your business is right for them.

Best Of Award Signifies A Trustworthy Business

Another criterion for winning the Best of Award is having a Verification Badge. The Verification Badge is given to pros after a background check and other similar screening processes. When homeowners are hiring, they want to hire someone trustworthy to let them into their house. This Verification Badge appears on your profile alongside your Best of Award win, thus reassuring homeowners that your business is trustworthy. In fact, 93% of our pros said that the award got them more recognition and online visibility. In fact, HomeStars makes it possible for homeowners to hire only the award winners by featuring them on the winners’ list.

Best of Award Tells Your Customer Satisfaction Story

In our homeowner survey, 75% of homeowners said that they were more inclined to hire a Best of Award winner for their project. As your reviews and Star Score play a big part in winning an award, the shiny award badge on a profile tells homeowners about the customer service you provide. The award is also a testimony to your hard work on Canada’s go-to website for home repair and renovation services, which gets over 8 million website visitors every year! With the award on your profile, you are more likely to be noticed by the millions of Canadian homeowners who are looking for pros like you!

The HomeStars Best of Award not only helps small businesses but also gives established businesses the online exposure they need. Canadian homeowners love hiring the Best of Award winners – so make sure you qualify again next year and make the most of it now! Got questions? Get in touch with your dedicated customer success manager today!

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