How HomeStars Best of Awards Help Small Businesses To Succeed

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As the owner of a small or new business, you may always be on the lookout for ways to market your business or get more customers. At HomeStars, we are in the business of growing yours. One of the ways we help businesses, especially small businesses, is by recognizing and rewarding their work each year. Every year, since 2019, we have awarded pros with the Best of Awards for the three pillars of integrity, customer service and consistency.

Contrary to popular belief, only 2.5% of businesses received this award in 2022 – making it a much sought-after title for businesses. Here’s how the awards help small businesses to succeed!

Building Brand Authority

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As a small business, many owners struggle with building brand authority or credibility. HomeStars has been in the industry for 16 years and with a badge of excellence from us, you can get one step further in building your brand’s authority. Given the pros who go above and beyond their duties, it is a mark of a business that excels in customer service.

Expanding Your Digital Word-of-Mouth Network

Traditionally, businesses operated on the sheer power of word-of-mouth. As the world moves into a digital space, it’s becoming increasingly important to establish your brand online. With the Best of Award to your credit, you can showcase this win on your website, and social media and even spread the word via emails.

Getting More Leads

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Although the awards were received by only 2.5% of pros last year, a whopping 75% of homeowners said they were more likely to hire an award winner for their home project. With the badge on your profile, you are more likely to be contacted or shortlisted by homeowners and thus get more leads.

Getting On The Winners’ List

As so many of our homeowners prefer to hire a Best of Award-winning business for their tasks, we have a dedicated page of the Best of Award winners. When you win the award, your business automatically gets on this winners’ list and gets visibility in front of homeowners, thus increasing your chances of getting hired.

Getting Recognized For Your Efforts

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As you and your team work together to ensure good work and customer satisfaction for each project, winning the award can feel like that much-needed pat on the back. When your efforts are recognized and rewarded, it can motivate and inspire the team to do more, thus accelerating your business growth and success.

Sign up with HomeStars today and become eligible for the Best of Awards! If you have any questions, you can get in touch with your dedicated account manager.

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