4 Questions to Help Qualify Homeowner Leads


Having a steady flow of new homeowner leads is crucial to growing your home improvement business. In reality, one good lead that converts into a customer can turn into a handful more (referrals, repeat business etc), so it’s no brainer that marketing your business and reaching new homeowners is crucial to growing your business. However, many pros at some point will encounter the “tire kicker” lead. This is an individual who appears interested in your home services, but never actually hires you. To be more efficient with your time and resources you can qualify leads by asking the right questions. To help you avoid disappointment and prevent you from loading the truck too early, we’ve broken down 4 questions that can help you pre-qualify your leads.

Question 1: Can you share your project details?

This question will be a key indicator of how much research they have done and what they actually know about the work involved. Homeowners who have done their research are more inclined to hire sooner as they’re at the end of the research phase and should be treated as a hot lead. This question will also help you determine if you’re the right pro for the job and if your business fits their project needs right from the start.

Question 2: What is your budget for this home improvement project?

Understanding a homeowner’s budget can help you determine if the job is feasible and if your services fit their project goals. Educating your potential client and having them reevaluate their budget if necessary can help build trust and grow repeat business. However, if a homeowner is set on a budget that doesn’t come close to covering your price point for the job there may not be a need to spend the time and energy producing a formal quote. Being open and honest about your going rates from the start can save you time and prevent you from quoting a homeowner too early and being disappointed.

Question 3: When do you want to start the project?

For some homeowners, renovation or home improvement projects are new territories, and their understanding of timelines per project can be distorted. If their timelines are unrealistic, let them know what you think would be realistic. This may include some compromising on both sides. Think about your current workload and projects that you have lined up. Will this project fit into your current calendar? Do you have a few jobs lined up during that same time frame? Is the homeowner willing to wait until you’re available? Getting answers to these questions as soon as possible will help you decide if a lead is worth trailing or not.

Question 4: What was it about our business that made you reach out?

This question should be used cautiously and only when a homeowner is reaching you directly, as a profile lead for example. This question will help you understand what are the needs of the homeowner and how much research they have done on your business. If they mention your excellent Star Score or your great reviews, it is safe to say that they’ve done their due diligence in researching and finding a pro that they can trust and are a hot prospect.

There will be times where politely declining a job may be the best decision for your home service business and the homeowner. Be polite and professional and let leads go with grace and leave a positive impression to continue growing your online reputation!

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