Jiffy On Demand vs. HomeStars: What’s the Difference?

jiffy vs homestars

With such a wide array of marketing options available for trade businesses nowadays, it’s no wonder home service pros have such a tough time choosing one that will deliver the best results for their business. To assist you in deciding what avenue best suits your business goals – whether you’re looking to connect with new customers, build your online reputation, or increase your ranking in search engines – we’ve broken down below the key differences between HomeStars and Jiffy on Demand.

Jiffy Focuses On Small Jobs, Not Large Renovation Projects

As stated on the Jiffy website, “Small jobs around the house are as good as done.” Jiffy targets homeowners looking to hire pros for various small projects, from furniture assembly to appliance repair. If that’s what you’re looking for, Jiffy may be the right place for you. While smaller projects are necessary and can help grow your business, pros looking to take on medium to large projects should look elsewhere.

Homeowners Visit Us Hiring for Small Repairs to $500k + Home Builds

While this depends entirely on the category, there is no limit or threshold on the size of a project on HomeStars. From plumbing jobs to full home renovations and builds, pros on HomeStars can benefit from large and smaller-scale projects with the ability to choose the types of jobs they want, both big and small.

Jiffy Reviews Are Not Visible to Researching Homeowners

Jiffy asks that homeowners leave reviews; however, those valuable reviews from past customers that help convert future business, are not made visible to homeowners. Instead, they’re solely used for internal quality control. This leaves many homeowners in the dark on what makes the business so great, or lack thereof.

HomeStars Reviews Are Front and Centre and Help Earn You More Business

At HomeStars, we know that 88% of homeowners read reviews before making a hiring decision. That’s why HomeStars sees over 8 million homeowner visits annually from project-ready homeowners looking to read reviews and hire someone they trust. We help pros grow their online reputation and showcase their business with reviews, helping them stand out from the rest.

Jiffy Users Must Share Their Credit Card Details Before Being Connected With a Pro

For homeowners to get connected to a home service pro on Jiffy, they must input their credit card information. Homeowners are not able to communicate with a pro prior. For many, sharing credit card information before connecting/receiving a quote is not only time-consuming but can leave people feeling uneasy. Additionally, all payments are made through Jiffy, and Jiffy will take a percentage of each job. For slightly larger jobs, this can become very costly for the service pro.

HomeStars Users Connect and Pay You Directly

Homeowners like to do their research, and for many, that means connecting with a pro to learn more before moving forward with a job. At HomeStars, homeowners can easily connect with you by phone or in-app messaging. No money is exchanged on HomeStars, enabling you to determine your own quote given the scope of work.

Jiffy Does Not Focus on SEO Benefits for Pros

Homeowners may find Jiffy through a search query, but they will not find your business specifically. What does that mean for you? It means lost opportunities to be seen and found by project-ready homeowners online, especially if you’re not investing money into your company’s SEO and local review strategy.

HomeStars Pros See SEO Benefits

HomeStars works hard for its network of pros to trump search engine queries related to home improvement projects. With a strong domain authority, HomeStars ranks highly in Google search results related to home project queries, driving profile visits for your business. As a result, many pros turn to HomeStars to gain targeted exposure online while collecting reviews, and utilize HomeStars as a stand-alone website for their business.

In summary, Jiffy is more geared toward on-demand, smaller home maintenance and repair services, while HomeStars is helping users find contractors for all types of home improvement and renovation projects, both big and small. Both platforms can be valuable depending on your needs. If you have a small, immediate home service requirement, Jiffy may be the way to go. If you’re planning a significant home improvement or renovation project, HomeStars can help you find reputable contractors with a history of positive reviews.

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