How to Generate Home Improvement Leads for Your Business


You are the master of the trade you work in. Your focus should be more on getting the projects done to the satisfaction of your clients rather than finding quality projects to work on. Finding high-quality home improvement leads for your business can feel like a second job on top of your current profession. However, there are simple yet effective ways to generate leads without spending hours looking for them. We’ve broken down 5 tips that can help you generate more quality leads for your business with the help of HomeStars.

1. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

Much like awards, positive community reviews can also help tip the scales in your favour by showing homeowners that you’re a safe and reputable pro for hire. 98% of Homeowners read a review before making a hiring decision. By getting more reviews, make sure they choose YOU for their next home improvement project. When you have recent reviews on your HomeStars profile, you’re letting homeowners know that you’re in business and a reputable business at that. A pro with 30+ recent reviews over a pro with 0 reviews will likely always have the upper hand in winning more quality business, and will presumably have a more steady flow of leads coming in monthly. We have made it easy for you to request reviews from your HomeStars account. Log into your account to request a review today!

2. Share Content on Social Media

For a homeowner to feel compelled to reach out to your business via social media outlets such as Instagram or Facebook, there must be something special about the content that you’re sharing. Before and after photos, positive reviews, an insightful or informative blog post hosted on your website, are all examples of valuable content material. You can also make long-form videos or time-lapse videos for your YouTube channel. These transformation videos perform very well on social media platforms and also help your audience understand more about your services, quality of work and craftsmanship. Promoting these assets regularly on social channels will help drive quality leads for your business. With an upgraded HomeStars account, you can add all your social media accounts to your HomeStars profile. This will enable homeowners to carefully vet your business and hire you for their next project.

3. Create a Referral Program

A referral program is a great way to spread positive word of mouth and generate high-quality leads with the help of previous satisfied customers. Referrals help drive leads for your home improvement business while keeping costs low. To motivate your customers to give out referrals, you can reward them with an incentive. Choose an incentive that appeals to your target audience, maybe a gift card or a discount on future services. Ensure it is something that will drive excitement and hopefully, more referral leads for your business.

4. Win Awards and Stand Out

At HomeStars, we honour our pros who go above and beyond for their customers and crown them with a HomeStars Best of Award. You can showcase your award in different ways to build strong homeowner connections and trust. Only 2.5% of service professionals won a HomeStars Best of Awards 2022. They are preferred by a whopping 75% of project-ready Canadian homeowners for home renovation and repair projects. Upgrade your account today to win the HomeStars Best of Award and take advantage of these many quality leads.

5. Have an Email Marketing Plan

Email marketing is a great way to generate more home improvement leads for your business. The first step towards creating an email marketing plan is curating a homeowners’ email list, which can be through previous work, social media contacts or contact forms on your website. You can also have an email sign-up page or a pop-up on your website to get more information about potential clients. It’s a good idea to give your audience a sneak peek into your emails and their content before asking for contact information. As home improvement projects are typically longer duration ones, email marketing helps in staying in contact with homeowners and staying on top of mind for potential clients. In your emails, you can include tips and tricks on home improvement, some inspirational designs, any offers or promos or even the latest trends. All of these can also help position you as a thought leader, which helps homeowners make a faster hiring decision. 

6. Have an Interactive Tool on Your Website or Offer Free Consultations

As home improvement projects often require a lot of planning and months or weeks to complete, you must start at the beginning to attract well-qualified home improvement leads. That’s why it’s a good idea to offer a planning tool on your website. This way homeowners can enter in the relevant information, get inspired by designs and also understand the scope and estimate of the project. If you offer multiple services or if the project requires more information, consider offering free planning or consultation for your clients. This can help eliminate any false ideas or expectations and generate the best leads for your business.

7. Focus on SEO and Get Found Locally

Establishing a robust local presence, both online and offline, plays a pivotal role in cultivating home improvement business leads. Online endeavours entail optimizing your website for local searches, ensuring it vividly portrays your offered services, service areas, and contact information. Employ local SEO strategies to heighten visibility on search engines, and enlist your business on online directories such as Google My Business to bolster local online rankings. Enhancing your Google My Business profile with images showcasing your completed projects adds visual appeal to your listing. Active engagement with the community through social media platforms, where you can display your expertise and interact with local homeowners, is essential. Offline initiatives involve active participation in local events, sponsorship of community initiatives, and the distribution of flyers or business cards in local gathering spots. Establishing partnerships with local businesses or real estate agents further amplifies your visibility within the community. This comprehensive approach not only establishes credibility and trust but also positions your home improvement business as the preferred choice for services among local residents.

8. Register Your Business on Home Improvement Websites

Incorporating your home improvement business into specialized Canadian directories focused on enhancing residential properties, alongside smaller online platforms, provides substantial benefits in acquiring crucial leads necessary for the growth of your enterprise. Here are notable Canadian home improvement websites worth considering:

  • Houzz: Renowned for its visually appealing content, Houzz connects homeowners with experts specializing in home remodelling and design. While it caters well to visually oriented businesses, those seeking additional features might explore other options. Houzz doesn’t mandate background checks for professionals, relying on homeowners to conduct thorough research before hiring, making online research a significant part of the decision-making process.
  • Jiffy: Specializing in home renovation, Jiffy can potentially generate leads for your home improvement business, particularly for smaller tasks. However, it’s vital to note that homeowner reviews are not visible on this platform. Hence, homeowners should perform due diligence before finalizing their hiring decisions.
  • HomeStars: Distinguished as a comprehensive online directory for home service professionals, HomeStars excels in providing detailed business profiles. Aligning your home improvement enterprise with HomeStars grants access to tailored resources showcasing your services. This partnership involves creating a comprehensive profile highlighting licenses, expertise, and previous projects to meet homeowners’ specific needs. HomeStars implements trust-building metrics like the Star Score and Verified Badge, enhancing credibility. The Verified Badge signifies a stringent screening process, while manual validation of customer reviews ensures authenticity. Additionally, HomeStars offers marketing resources for increased exposure, with Best of Awards enhancing profile recognition and positioning your home improvement business effectively in a competitive market.

If your home improvement business is already registered on HomeStars, implement these effective strategies to attract the right leads:

  • Showcase Your Services and Work Areas: HomeStars utilizes an advanced algorithm to connect homeowners with professionals based on their specific service requirements and location. To optimize the generation of relevant leads, maintain an updated profile outlining your offered services and service areas, fostering seamless connections with local homeowners.
  • Enhance Your HomeStars Profile: Your online profile serves as the initial introduction to potential clients. HomeStars offers comprehensive tools to create an engaging profile for your home improvement business. Craft an appealing profile description, display relevant licenses, detail the services offered, and curate a tailored gallery exhibiting your work, among other features.
  • Achieve a Strong Star Score: The Star Score acts as a credibility metric on HomeStars, helping homeowners identify reliable professionals. This score considers factors such as average ratings, responsiveness, and the likelihood of recommendations. Striving for a Star Score of at least 80% can significantly enhance your prospects of acquiring leads through HomeStars.
  • Acquire HomeStars Verification: The HomeStars Verified Badge symbolizes trust and reliability, awarded to professionals who pass a rigorous background check. Exhibiting this badge on your profile assures homeowners of your home improvement business’s dependability, instilling confidence in their hiring decisions.
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