How To Use Your HomeStars Profile To Create An Online Brand

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While there are many benefits to joining HomeStars, like getting in front of 8 million Canadian homeowners, connecting with homeowners and benefiting your company’s SEO, it is also a great way to easily build your brand online. With a HomeStars premium profile, you can create your brand in an easy and quick way. Here are 5 things you can do on HomeStars, to create a strong online reputation and a noteworthy brand: 

Add Your Social Media And Website Links To Your HomeStars Profile 

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Social media is a powerful tool that you can use to create a strong online presence – you can also add your social media links and website link to your HomeStars profile to make a more credible brand. When homeowners land on your HomeStars profile, they can use these links to check multiple platforms and make a confident hiring decision. 

Create Custom Galleries On Your HomeStars Profile 

You can use your HomeStars profile to showcase your best work by creating custom galleries. Make sure to use these galleries to put your best foot forward in front of potential homeowner connections – you can create separate albums for different tasks, projects, before and after and much more.  

Get The Latest Reviews From Homeowners 

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Reviews are a great way to strengthen your online brand and reputation. With 900,000 verified reviews published on HomeStars, they are what help you drive homeowner connections and create a strong and reputable brand online. So make sure to get the latest reviews on your HomeStars profile. 

Get Your HomeStars Verification Badge 

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When project-ready homeowners visit HomeStars, they are looking to hire a reputed and trustworthy pro they can trust to work on their homes. That’s why we offer a Verification Badge that tells the homeowners that we have conducted background checks and verified the pros, so they can hire them with complete confidence. Adding the Verification Badge to your HomeStars profile can help strengthen your brand and reputation.  

Write A Good Profile Description And Upload A Logo In Your HomeStars Profile 

As soon as homeowners land on your HomeStars profile, they go through your profile description and images, along with other details. Having a strong and smart profile is not only important but also crucial for making homeowner connections, along with a proper company logo. With Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT and design tools like Canva, it’s easy to generate these in minutes – so make sure to complete your profile and build a strong online brand. 


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