Homeowner Connection: How To Maintain Them For More Work

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When a service request comes your way, you can set up automatic replies for a quick response or even impress them with the perfect opening message to make that homeowner connection. However, when it comes to maintaining these connections, most pros will be at a loss as to how or why one should do it. While maintaining a homeowner connection is beneficial in bringing in future jobs, it also goes a long way in securing the perfect reviews on your profile. So here are a few ways to stay connected with homeowners after your first job. 

Offer A Warranty Or A Follow-Up Service For Homeowners 

If your line of work requires or can be covered under warranty, it’s best to offer the same to the homeowners and let them know of the offer in detail. Being honest with the homeowner and making the terms of the warranty transparent can go a long way in impressing the client. However, if you offer other services, you can consider offering a follow-up service like paint touch-up etc. to stay in touch, while making a strong homeowner connection. 

Send Annual Or Seasonal Task Reminders 

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If you offer seasonal services like landscaping, snow removal or duct cleaning, it’s a good idea to set up reminders for the homeowners to get this done again when the time comes. As your repeat customer, you can also offer them a package or offer for such repeated seasonal services. 

Send Holiday Greeting Emailers To Strengthen Homeowner Connection

All communication with homeowners need not be service-based. As a company, you can also send out holiday e-cards or festive greetings on e-mail to stay on top-of-their-mind. By keeping in touch through these occasions, you put forth the message that they are more than just customers and showcase excellent service.

Send Business Offers And Promos If Applicable

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When you meet the homeowner, you can take a mental note of their home or yard and discuss the things they usually get done around the same. This can help you curate relevant and important offers exclusively for your clients, thus strengthening the homeowner connection. In fact, seasonal offers or discounts can also prompt homeowners to get things done, which they might have been putting off for a while. 

Share Relevant Company News And Updates In An Email 

Not every homeowner wants to receive every company update that takes place. However, sharing relevant information like acquiring or renewing a license, offering a new service, getting upgraded machinery for services can all work as excellent pieces of information for a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter or emailer for the homeowners. 

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