5 Tips to Get the Best Online Reviews On HomeStars

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As a business owner, you know that online reviews are the best way to grow your business. In today’s world, where online reviews are read by almost everyone before making a purchase or hiring a service provider, it’s very important to make sure that your reviews stand out from the competition. Even if you are getting good reviews, here are 5 tips that can take your good reviews to great reviews! 

Be Responsive From The Very Start 

When homeowners submit a quote or service request, they are looking for a solution to the problem they are facing. So it is essential to respond in a timely manner at all times – from first interactions to follow-up questions. If you cannot respond, you can always set up an auto-responder, which outlines that you are busy, asks for more details and even lets the homeowner know that you will be in touch soon! 

Be Courteous Towards The Homeowners 

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It goes without saying that being courteous goes a long way when it comes to getting positive online reviews. A nice demeanour, a smile and patience can work wonders for your business when you ask for reviews. Many people can fix or repair things, but to do so with a smile and polite behaviour can really help you stand out. This includes greetings, not rushing the homeowners, asking for details patiently and much more! 

Be Understanding Of Their Pain Points And Needs 

While you may see repair and emergency service issues every day, homeowners are likely not very well acquainted with their problem and thus they are concerned. So when they reach out to you, make it a point to convey that you understand their problem and give the right solutions. For example, if they are describing a noisy refrigerator, make sure to listen to them properly and ask more questions if needed before the inspection. Many go into jobs and start poking things straight away, which can make the homeowner feel neglected. Involving them and making them understand the problem in layman’s terms can help reassure them and lead to positive online reviews. 

Always Be Punctual 

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No one likes delays especially when they are awaiting emergency repairs or looking forward to their beautifully landscaped garden. Whether you offer plumbing services or renovation designs, homeowners appreciate a punctual pro who not only shows up on time but also meets timelines. Of course, there can be unforeseen circumstances or weather issues which can cause delays but it’s important to keep the client informed and updated. 

Go The Extra Mile 

Doing a little extra apart from your regular job, can really help you get those positive reviews. Little things like cleaning up after yourself or being nice to the pets at home, can really help leave a positive impression on your clients. 

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