How To Use The Auto-Reply Feature

New Automated HomeStars Feature To Score More Opportunities

Millions of project-ready Canadian homeowners visit HomeStars every day looking for a pro to help them with their home improvement projects. 37% of those homeowners expect pros to respond to their requests within an hour so they can hire quickly and confidently. Working in the home improvement business you are already aware of this. When we asked How can HomeStars help to improve your response time on our app to our Pro network, 42.3% said that default response templates would help them score more opportunities. We took your recommendations and came up with this brilliant feature that will not only reduce response time but also help you build strong homeowner connections, get booked for the projects you want to work on and increase the acceptance rate over time.

What Is the Auto-Reply Feature?

When you receive a new business lead, you receive a notification on your phone. You quickly review the homeowner’s request and accept it within the app in one click. 

After accepting the lead, you can start having a conversation with them by asking for the project details, timelines and other requirements. When you’re already busy on a job, it can be difficult to have a meaningful conversation with the homeowner and turn that potential lead into a business opportunity.

A few examples of what you can say to a lead when interested in working with them is:

  • Thanking them for reaching out to your business:
    Ex. “Hi Stacy, thank you for reaching out to The Stone Company.”
  • Let them know you would love to learn more and connect at a better time:
    Ex. “I would love to learn more about this project. Can I call you at ___ time?”
  • Sign off with your excitement to speak and work with them in the future:
    Ex. “We look forward to hearing from you!”
  • A professional sign off, including your name, company name and best number to reach you:
    Ex. Ryan Higgins
    The Stone Company

These responses show immediate professionalism and gives homeowners the heads up that while you’re not available to speak right now, you will make time later that day. However, the delay in writing out these replies and the response time is not an ideal outcome for you or the homeowner.

But now, you can use our auto-reply feature to send an automated reply to homeowners making most of the golden window of response time!

HomeStars for Pros app SP lead detailsHomeStars for Pros app SP lead details keyboard conversation

Why Activate The Auto-Reply Feature?

By activating the new Auto-Reply Feature, every time you ‘Accept’ a lead, the homeowner will receive an automated reply. This reply will inform them that you received their request and they should send you more details of their project. By activating the auto-reply feature you will be able to…

  • Eliminate the long period of response time
  • Ensure homeowners that you’re dedicated to taking on their project 
  • Improve your chances of getting hired significantly compared to your competitors
  • Improve homeowner connection
  • Book new opportunities in one swift step while you’re busy working on an existing project

How to Activate the Auto-Reply Feature and Customize It?

On The HomeStars For Pros App

Step 1: 

To use the default auto-reply template in the HomeStars for Pros app, first, you have to download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Create your business account with the help of your Customer Success Manager and sign in.

When you log in to your app, you will see a prompt to activate the ‘auto-reply’ feature and follow the tutorial. 

HomeStars for Pros App auto reply take over tutorial HomeStars for Pros App auto reply on default template HomeStars for Pros App auto reply on default template

Step 2: 

You can use the default template as is or make changes to make it customized. Make sure you turn on the ‘Use as AutoReply’ button to activate the feature.

HomeStars for Pros App auto reply on custom edit default template HomeStars for Pros App auto reply on edit default template

And voila! You’re done!! Now every time you click on the ‘accept’ button, the homeowner will automatically receive your custom message reducing the response time from minutes or hours to zero seconds.

HomeStars for Pros app SP lead details HomeStars for Pros app SP lead conversation auto reply on

On The HomeStars Profile On Desktop

Step 1:

Log in to your profile on a desktop. Go to your dashboard and on the left menu, click on “Lead Reply Templates”.

A screenshot of the HomeStars profile on Desktop

Step 2:

Click on “Create a Template” and write your message and title in the pop up box.

A pop up on the desktop HomeStars profile to create a reply template

Step 3:

When you are happy with your written template, save it by clicking on the button, “Add Template”.

The "Add template" button circled in red on a pop up

Step 4:

You can add as many templates you would like and use the title to differentiate between them. Depending on the situation, you can either choose the template you want or for easier access, you can set up the preferred template as the default one. To do this, simply go to your templates and turn on the toggle switch for the default one you would like.

All auto reply templates shown in the window and toggle switches next to them for making them the default option.

And that’s it! Now you have successfully set up your auto-replies!

At HomeStars, we are dedicated to making it easier and faster for you to get new business opportunities that you want to work on. Build strong homeowner connections and get booked faster by reducing the response time you usually take when conversing with project-ready homeowners. Activate the auto-reply feature in your HomeStars for pros app today! If you’re having trouble activating the feature or need assistance in forming a custom message, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager today!

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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