HomeStars Service Requests – All You Need To Know

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On the HomeStars platform, there are three different types of leads that can come in from project-ready homeowners – profile leads, HomeStars service requests or leads and promotion leads. Depending on how the service requests are raised by homeowners, they are distributed accordingly in the system. All these leads contribute towards growing your home renovation business so it’s important to understand the lead distribution and what happens to HomeStars leads. 

What Are HomeStars Service Requests? 

HomeStars’ service requests are the requests raised by homeowners looking to hire pros for their home renovation or home repairs. When these leads come in, they are distributed via an internal algorithm. 

How Do HomeStars Service Requests Work?

An infographic with service request flow on HomeStars

HomeStars Service Requests – All You Need To Know

How Can I Make More Homeowner Connections?

  • Make Sure You Respond On Time:
    So from the above chart, you can see that responding to HomeStars leads in a timely manner is of utmost importance when it comes to making great homeowner connections. 
  • Set Up Auto Replies:
    We understand that you may be on the road or busy at another job. That’s why we have set up automated replies which can be customized to suit your business. If your line of business requires more information, you can use the automated reply to ask more questions so you are better prepared for the situation when you hop on a call with the homeowner or make an appointment.
  • Craft The Perfect Opening Message:
    You can craft an impactful opening message that assures the homeowner that you are reliable and will be in touch shortly. In our draft opening message, you can check all the important details you must include in your opening message to make an impact – these include an introduction, your skills, the homeowner’s pain points, your offer and the next steps. 
  • Make Sure You Have An Updated Profile:
    From recent reviews to images of your work and updated services – there are many ways to update your profile and keep it relevant to the homeowner’s search query. Recent reviews and their replies also showcase that you are responsive and believe in great customer service. This will also help increase your Star Score and thus increase your chances of getting hired. 
  • Always Be Courteous:
    Whether you are calling or messaging – first impressions can go a long way. Take the time to listen to the customer and always be courteous and respectful towards them. If you are rude or don’t seem to have the time to understand their problems – they are likely to look for someone else. 

 To know more about how you can improve your HomeStars profile to make more homeowner connections, speak to your dedicated Customer Success Manager, today! 

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