How To Fill Out Your HomeStars Profile Listing?

How To Fill Out Your HomeStars Profile Listing?

When you create a business profile with HomeStars, you get a chance to create a very persuasive digital profile for your business. The details on your listing play a major role when homeowners scout your profile. In addition to homeowner reviews, the Best of Awards badge, Start Score and verification status, homeowners like to vet you against the information you provide on your profile. It may seem like a small portion of your profile but we have developed a very concise listing information panel for you that answers every homeowner’s major questions in their hiring journey.

This guide will help you understand the ‘listing info’ section on your HomeStars dashboard and tips on how to make the most of it…

Profile Photos

This is the 1st section on your listings page and one of the most important visual elements. Your company logo helps you build your online brand in just one image. If your company has a logo, make sure you upload it here along with an interesting cover photo. If you don’t have a logo, your customer success manager can help you with it!

For example, Mississauga, ON-based Five Star Painting – GTA Central has a very classic logo on its profile that speaks loudly of its brand and the services they offer.

Profile Photos

Profile Photos

The company logo of Mississauga, ON-based Five Star Painting – GTA Central, on their HomeStars profile

Company Info:

This is the section where you can see your company name, the main category of work and contact information.

1. Main Category Of Work:

This is the main category under which you registered your profile. The category selected will appear below your company name on your live profile. For example, Brampton, ON-based Timberich Inc. chose Kitchen Planning & Renovation as their main category of work. It is reflected on their live profile.

Main Category Of Work

Main Category Of Work

Brampton, ON-based Timberich Inc.‘s main category of work is listed on their HomeStars profile

2. Contact Information:

This information helps the homeowners to further vet your profile. This allows them to check your presence beyond HomeStars.

  • Company Phone Number: Having your company phone number on your profile will make it easier and quicker for the homeowners to reach you. Make sure you don’t share your personal contact number to avoid correspondence outside business hours.
  • Company Website: Many service professionals treat their HomeStars profile as a website as it has all their information in one place. But if you do have a working website, feel free to add a secure URL here.
  • Company Facebook & Instagram Page: HomeStars has enabled you to add your social media links to your profile as well. Make the most of your social connections by linking your profiles here. This also gives a big boost to your SEO backlinking game!

For example, Brampton, ON-based Timberich Inc. added their social media accounts to their account which are reflected on their live profile right alongside their Star Score and Verification Badge:

Contact Information

Brampton, ON-based Timberich Inc.‘s Star Score & Verification Badge Status on their HomeStars profile

Listing Details

This section includes an eye-catching profile description, the details on services you offer along with your credentials and financial information.

1. Profile Description

This segment is vital in summarizing your business and is an opportunity to provide relevant information to help sway a homeowner’s hiring decision. Read more about How to Write a Great Profile Description on HomeStars!

2. Service Details

These details focus on what type of services you offer and your expertise in the industry:

  • Products: As a home improvement service provider, list any specific products you use or sell as a part of your business.
  • Services: The different types of services you offer under your ‘main category of work’.
  • Brands: High-quality or local brands you use to complete your projects.
  • Styles: If your business has adopted a specific style of work like modern, contemporary or standard, you can list them here. Based on the nature of your business, the styles will change.
  • Specialties: If you offer anything specific that sets you apart from the crowd, be sure to mention it!

For example, Mississauga, ON-based Five Star Painting – GTA Central has written an eye catchy profile description along with its service details that enhance its profile. This helps them build strong homeowner connections and score more opportunities!

profile description

Mississauga, ON-based Five Star Painting – GTA Central’s profile description on their HomeStars Profile

3. Credentials & Financial Information

This is the section where you fill up all the information that homeowners can quickly glance over when visiting your HomeStars profile. This might look like a big list but trust us, it’s worth putting in a few minutes to catch a project-ready homeowner’s attention!

  • Year Established
  • Number of Employees
  • Return Policy
  • Payment Method
  • Licenses
  • Memberships
  • Diplomas
  • Warranty and Terms Project Minimum
  • Project Rate
  • Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Bonded
  • Written Contract Provided

At HomeStars, we are committed to helping you build your brand. Here’s what Apoorva Balantrapu, one of our talented and dedicated Strategic Customer Success Managers has to say about filling out the details in your profile section…

One of the main reasons to fill out the profile section is to increase a company’s credibility. In most cases, there are several businesses in the market that are offering a similar product. So this is a service provider’s chance to set themselves apart from their competitors. An effective listing helps build a strong online presence and communicate quality information to project-ready homeowners while improving the customer experience. By highlighting all the relevant information on the listing, homeowners do not have to call your company to find out your information- everything is at their fingertips, creating a seamless experience for them.

– Apoorva Balantrapu, Strategic Customer Success Manager

Contact your dedicated customer success manager today for more information!

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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