Is Your Photography Costing You Business?

Photo of home being taken on mobile camera

In our homeowner survey, 43% of respondents said they like to look at a pro’s profile for images of the work they have done, before hiring. As we move more and more into online word of mouth, reviews along with images have become an important testimony piece to showcase the quality of work you provide. So even if you are great at your job, if the photos don’t convey the same, there are chances you might lose potential business opportunities. However, the good news is that you can easily improve your photography skills with a few tips and a good camera phone! Check out these tips below to make your photos pop and earn homeowners’ trust!

Avoid Crowding In The Frame

Mobile camera taking picture of kitchen renovation

We know that home renovation pictures can get messy and you may be disturbed frequently. However, taking the time to reduce visible clutter and taking pictures only when your work is in focus, can go a long way in creating beautiful images. If you are a home renovator, who’s working on paint or structural things, make sure you move the furniture so the full work is visible. If there are people, pets or children in the frame, wait till you have a better frame with minimal distraction.

Avoid Zoom Feature On Phone Camera

Even though today’s camera phones have marvellous zoom capabilities, it’s best not to zoom in too much, unless you’re trying to capture small renovations. Zooming in too much can pixelate the image especially when you enlarge it to fit other spaces apart from your phone.

Clean Your Camera Lens

Camera lens being cleaned with cloth

Although this may seem like a basic one, cleaning your camera lens can actually result in better images. Whether you have been working indoors or outdoors, there’s bound to be residual dirt or debris on your lens. Gently blow on the camera and then use a soft cloth or your t-shirt to wipe the lens.

Give The Full Picture

Before & After Template

Homeowners like to see full images of the scope of work and not bits and pieces of improvement. Whenever possible, give the big picture so the change is visible and noticeable. For instance, if you create a designer wall section, show the full wall for the full picture. Whenever possible, click before and after pictures, for that full impact.

Take Multiple Shots

While it may seem like you got the perfect shot, it’s always best to take multiple shots for the same angle. When you look back on clicked images, especially on a larger screen, it’s easy to spot small differences that make one image better than the other. Just to make sure that you have multiple options, ensure that you click multiple shots.

Use Natural Light

Woman clicking picture on tab in daylight

Flash on a camera phone almost always creates a washed-out image, unless used during the day. As much as you can, try to utilize natural light when clicking images. If you are working in basements with limited daylight or taking a picture after dark, consider investing in small photography lights for that natural effect.

Use HDR Mode

HDR modeo n camera phone shown in nature photography

High dynamic range or HDR is a standard feature on most recent camera phones and optimizes the exposure to produce sharper images. This is especially helpful when you have more than one subject or multiple sources of light. On most phones, you can also adjust the exposure manually before clicking a picture – this is helpful in low-light situations where increasing the exposure can give you a better quality of the picture.

Use The Focus Function

This one-click wonder can help sharpen images instantly. When you are taking pictures, simply click on the space where you want to focus and your smart cameraphone will automatically adjust the settings to give you the desired subject in focus.

Use A Tripod For Stability

Mobile camera on tripod

A tripod is a small investment that can go a long way in creating beautiful images that help convert businesses. Tripods can help stabilize your mobile camera and can come in handy when clicking images of larger projects. Tripods also come with rotational handles which can help click panorama images of an entire room or wall that you may have completed. Using tripods can help eliminate hazy, unfocussed or blurry images.

Pro Tip: You can also use your tripod to make time-lapse videos which can truly capture renovation jobs beautifully.

Use The Grid Lines

Another best practice is to use the camera gridlines which can be turned on in the settings of most phones. Photography experts say that every photo should be divided into 9 equal parts with gridlines crisscrossing. The rule is to make sure your subjects fall in these intersections or along the lines, to create visually captivating images. Using this feature can also help keep your images straight and symmetrical.

Utilize Editing Apps

Mobile photo editing apps shown on phone screen

Never be afraid to use editing apps to sharpen images, improve contrast or adjust the lighting and elevate the colours. A few simple fixes available as preset options on many mobile photo editing apps can instantly elevate your images. As long as the image is true and not touched up too much, photo editing apps can do marvels for your photographs and business!

By adding good quality images to your HomeStars profile you can optimize your listing for the best results. If you want to know more about how HomeStars can help you market your home improvement business, contact your dedicated account manager today!

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