Adding Images To Your HomeStars Profile: Tips And Benefits

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When you are in the home renovation, upgrade or repair industry, the pictures of your work can indeed speak a thousand words and be a testimony to your excellent craftsmanship. Elevating the visual status of your HomeStars profile with high-quality images has three advantages – your profile looks good, it stands apart from the competition and it shows the quality of your work. All of these contribute towards gaining homeowner trust and making the hiring process easier for them. In fact, in our homeowner survey, we found that 43.6% of homeowners prefer looking at images of the pro’s past work when comparing pros from their neighbourhood. Let’s deep dive into the benefits of adding images to your HomeStars profile and how to best optimize the images for maximum impact.

Benefits Of Adding Images To Your HomeStars Profile

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As discussed above, there are many benefits of adding images to your profile. Here are some ways they help your profile:

  • Images help the overall optimization of your page by making it a complete profile.
  • As an upgraded profile, you can also create custom galleries in your profile which can make the profile more attractive. You can also use this option to create separate albums for your projects and even do before and after albums, for maximum impact. Accounts that have high-resolution, clean and focussed images, like that of Red ladder Contractor on HomeStars, can stand out from the rest and have a real impact on the profile’s performance.

    Profile screenshot on HomeStars

    Accounts that have high-resolution, clean and focussed images, like that of Red ladder Contractor on HomeStars, can stand out from the rest and have a real impact on the profile’s performance.

  • With images, you can showcase your best work to the project-ready homeowners and make their hiring decision easier – while homeowners also go through reviews very thoroughly, images are visual proof of a job well done.
  • Images not only include project pictures but also your branding like logo and cover image – these can help paint a very professional picture of your brand, thus telling homeowners that you care about your brand and customer service.
  • Images on your profile can also include pictures of your business vehicles and tools, which can help homeowners understand the quality of service you offer. High-quality tools and equipment showcase a dedication to the craft. Moreover, you can also include your Best of Award wins and any trade licenses and certifications in your gallery, to add to the trust metric for homeowners. Awards and certification can go a long way in homeowner connections and they can hire with peace of mind.

How To Optimize The Images For Maximum Impact

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Simply uploading images from your phone or computer may seem like a good idea, but going one step further and optimizing your images, can greatly increase your chances of creating an attractive profile. Here’s how to do it:

  • Image Size: Resizing your images to the correct size will display the picture correctly. When uploading logos make sure you resize them to 200 by 200 pixels for the best quality. For the cover images, the recommended size is 1920 by 1080 pixels.
  • Clean Images: Reducing the clutter in your images can have a better impact – make sure you take pictures of just the project and not the decor around it, or pets or plants etc.
  • Focussed Images: With modern phone cameras, it’s easy to choose the focal point of your pictures. A well-focused image can reduce the blur and avoid pixelation, thus making the final image more impactful.
  • Long Shot Images: Giving the homeowners a full picture of your project is more helpful that multiple close-ups that do not give the bigger picture. This is especially helpful if you are working on larger projects like renovating a deck, painting a wall or working on an outdoor project.
  • Avoid Stock Photos: It may be tempting to go online and download stock images for your profile, but it not only looks generic but also gives a false impression. It’s better to have fewer high-quality real images than a whole lot of stock photos. Remember that homeowners want to see your photos and not generic images from the internet.
  • Add A Watermark: Adding a watermark or logo to your gallery images makes it look very professional while also preventing digital theft. You can use simple and free online tools like Canva to add watermarks or logos to your images.
Before and After template for Images

Use this easy template to add Before & After Images of your project on Instagram Stories

Now that you have all the tips and benefits of adding images to your HomeStars profile, it’s time to give it that professional look and stand out from your competitors. Log in to your account today to upload pictures to your HomeStars account gallery.

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