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Every year HomeStars celebrates selected Canadian contractors with a Best of Award acknowledging their hard work and dedication to Canadian homeowners. In 2022 only 2.5% of service professionals won a HomeStars Best of Award and were preferred by a whopping 75% of project-ready homeowners. The award comes with many other benefits that help improve your business and build strong homeowner connections. As the 2023 HomeStars Best of Award season approaches, we talked to one of our past winners, Toronto-based mold inspection & mold removal company, Maple Leaf Mold Removal. They were honoured with the Best of the Best Award in 2022 given their previous 3 consecutive Best of Award wins. 

Let’s Start at the Beginning

Established in 1995, Maple Leaf Mold Removal has created a niche space for itself in the industry with over two decades of experience. Serving in different Southern Ontario neighbourhoods from Burlington to Oshawa, they are the only company that has certified mold as well as home inspectors, (CaNACHI). Approved by the Province of Ontario’s GreenON Funding is another feather in their cap, that very few can boast of. More than 50 reviews on their HomeStars profile and a 95% Star Score are a testimony to the special attention they pay to the health and safety of their clients.

Journey with HomeStars

The Maple Leaf Mold Inc– HomeStars journey started in 2018 and there’s been no looking back since then. Having won the Best of Awards in 2020, 2021 and 2022, they have successfully leveraged the HomeStars brand to strengthen their brand presence.

Throughout this journey, we have always found the professionalism and responsiveness of HomeStars’ associates by our side. Maple Leaf Mold Inc. also has a Verified Badge, which has helped us establish trust among homeowners. We appreciate HomeStars’ efforts to recognize professionals like us who go above and beyond the client’s expectations.”

Robert Offenbacher, Owner of Maple Leaf Mold Inc.

Proud Moments: Winning the Best of Awards

Best of Award Badge shown on a HomeStars profile

For a company that takes pride in being the best in the industry, the HomeStars Best of Award only takes it one step further in its success story. For Maple Lead Mold Inc, the HomeStars Best of Award is an essential milestone in their journey. With the award badge on their profile, it tells a story of its own about how they have performed year after year.

Scaling Up Business With HomeStars Best of Award

The benefits of winning the Best of Award are multi-fold. After winning the award, the team at Maple Leaf Mold Inc saw an increase in their sales. Robert Offenbacher told us that the award has also helped homeowners to hire them with peace of mind by adding credibility to their business and spreading the word about their good work. This has resulted in better quality calls for the company as people connecting with them already trust them and are more comfortable about approaching and hiring them.

Teamwork For The Win!

As they say, there’s a lot you can achieve with teamwork. That is certainly the case with Maple Lead Mold Inc. With a team of IICRC-trained professionals who have shared values for providing excellent customer service, they have gone from strength to strength, by winning the Best of Awards year after year. Their team of 253W and 253S certified asbestos abatement personnel is committed to the highest standards of service. So, collectively as a team, they are able to deliver on customer satisfaction without any exception. This company vision applies to every job – no matter how big or small – thus making excellent customer service a rule that the team lives by and not an exception. Robert Offenbacher credits his team for all the good work and this shows us that when you take care of the community of employees, they take care of your business.

One Piece Of Advice For All The Future Winners

Having noticed the positive impact of the winner badge on their profile, Maple Leaf Mold Inc, considers the Best of Award as a powerful tool to earn homeowner trust. As pros in the industry, you would know how that trust can convert to more opportunities. As the Best of Award has actively contributed to their success story, the one piece of advice they have for aspiring businesses is not to ignore the award and focus on qualifying for the awards to successfully grow their brand and business.

The Road Ahead For Success

As customer reviews are a big part of the qualifying criteria, they are looking at innovative ways to request reviews to increase the total number of reviews on their profile. As we enter the ninth month of the year, they have already helped hundreds of homeowners and business owners address their mold and asbestos removal issues quickly and efficiently. With more glowing reviews to their credit, their profile details are sure to be a testimony to their hard work. As we walk into the awards season, winning the fourth award in a row is definitely something they aim to do!

Success stories like this truly stand as a testament to the benefits of winning the Best of Award. When you win an award, the possibilities are endless – from better homeowner relationships to converting leads – these are just some of the many pathways that open up. Ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to win the award – you have worked hard, and now it’s time to party hard by recognizing your dedication to your craft!  Find out how to qualify for the awards, here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated account manager.

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