An Award That Can Change Your Business: What Is Best Of Newly Listed?

Best of Newly Listed Award on a Celebratory Background

Every year HomeStars recognizes the hard work and dedication of our pros with a prestigious Best Of Award. These annual awards are a sign of expertise and build trust for our Canadian homeowners. According to our survey, 75% of homeowners would prefer to hire pros with a Best of Award, as the award recognize their hard work, professional consistency, excellent customer service and dedication to their trade. Winning an award, not only helps to develop better homeowner connections but also boosts your online presence. You can use the award win to market your online and offline profile – by adding these badges to your social media, website etc. and also putting decals on your vehicle, showing that you are an award winner. In fact, in our survey, 93% of pros said that winning the award got them more visibility online.

However, at HomeStars, as we are in the business of growing yours, we understand that even the new pros on our portal could benefit from the start with an award. That’s why we introduced the Best of Newly Listed Award in 2022. This is a token of appreciation and recognition for all the pros who hit the ground running. Pros who are in their first year with HomeStars can qualify for this award with just a few steps! Let’s dive in to know more…

How To Qualify For HomeStars Best Of Newly Listed Award 2023?

The HomeStars Best of Newly Listed award is for the pros who are in their first year with us. Apart from this, they must meet the following criteria by 31st December, 2022 to be eligible for the awards in 2023:

  • Be a premium account holder on HomeStars: To qualify for the award, you must have an upgraded account on HomeStars. You can claim your account and sign up here to get upgraded.
  • Your account must have an active Verified Badge: The HomeStars Verification Badge is awarded to pros after a series of background checks. With the Verified Badge, you earn the homeowners’ trust and they can hire with confidence when they see the badge on your profile.
  • Maintain a healthy Star Score of 85+: Star Score is a dynamic trust metric based on reviews, the responsiveness of the profile and other factors. As a newly listed business, you may not have as many reviews or jobs done to get the desired Star Score, that’s why we offer a 30-days Star Score boost when you upgrade your account!
  • Have a minimum of 3-6 reviews on your profile (depending on your category): We understand that jobs completed in a year may be different depending on the nature of work – that’s why our reviews are divided by the category. The following categories need 3 reviews to qualify for the award:
  1. Architects
  2. Builders
  3. Design/Project Management
  4. Elevators, Lifts and Ramps Installation and Service
  5. Excavation
  6. Foundations
  7. General Contractors
  8. Home Additions
  9. Renewable Energy
  10. Sunrooms, Solariums, and Greenhouses
  11. Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs

All the other categories would need a minimum of 6 reviews on their business profile to qualify for the award. These reviews need to be collected in the calendar year of 2022, to be eligible for the Best of Newly Listed Award 2023.

Ready to change your business with the Best of Newly Listed award? Sign up today or get in touch with your customer success manager to know more!

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