What Homeowners Look for When Hiring Home Service Pros

What Homeowners Look for When Hiring Home Service Pros

Home renovations can be quite expensive and a homeowner must do their due diligence before signing a contract with a home service professional to complete a job. On top of the financial investment, finding a skilled and reliable home service pro can be a challenge. Homeowners need a home service pro who is trustworthy and committed to making their vision come to life.

A HomeStars listing makes it easier for home service pros to leverage themselves to homeowners by showcasing what a homeowner is looking for in one quick glance. Take a look at the top factors homeowners consider when hiring a home service pro to ensure your business lines up with what homeowners want.

Quality Over Price

Prospective clients want the best quality their money can buy and they are willing to pay for it. When looking for a home service pro to hire, homeowners rely on reviews to determine which pro has the expertise to complete a high quality job. A recent HomeStars homeowner survey revealed that homeowners read more than five reviews before hiring a home service pro for a home project.

With an unlimited amount of reviews on your HomeStars listing, homeowners can see business is going well and they will feel more inclined to contact you before your competitors. More HomeStars reviews show ready-to-hire homeowners that you create high quality results because people want to work with you.

Proof of Assurance

Homeowners are taking a big risk when they open their homes up to home service pros. They need to know they are hiring people who can be trusted not to cut corners and who will always have their best interests in mind.

Having proper legal business documentation such as licenses, insurance, safety certifications, and any other professional credentials allows homeowners to have confidence in you and the work you will be doing. Homeowners are on HomeStars because they can distinguish which home service pros have participated in our background check. With a HomeStars Verified badge on your profile, homeowners will know you are the right company for the job.

Real Recommendations

Not only are homeowners looking for industry experience and examples of your work, they also want to know your character and what it is like to work with you. Can you show up on time? Are you polite and easy to talk to? How organized are you? Can you meet deadlines and deliver as promised? The simple fact is homeowners want to work with good people who do good work. A positive reputation and a track record from real client reviews are of great value to homeowners. HomeStars is where homeowners go online to find authentic character recommendations of the people they are interested in hiring.

Clear Communication

Homeowners want to hire pros who are accessible. They want to connect with you as a person, not an automated voicemail. The chat function on the HomeStars platform allows you to contact homeowners as soon as a quote request is posted. Direct and easy communication about contracts, timelines, and payment schedules saves not only the homeowners valuable time, but your time as well. HomeStars is where you can get instant feedback on project details and negotiate prices. We’re here to help open communication with your clients from the beginning to end of a project.

The HomeStars platform allows homeowners to write detailed reviews about the work you create and how you operate your business for new clients to easily see when searching for help around the home. The option to respond to reviews is a great way to relate with your clients on a more personable level and address concerns.

HomeStars is where homeowners go first to confirm if a home service pro is right for them and to hire industry experts. From real, authenticated reviews to efficient communication tools, we have it all to support your business to stand out to homeowners. Learn more about how HomeStars can help you leverage your listing to attract new clients.

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