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Easily tell homeowners that all your legal and professional

requirements are in order by becoming a HomeStars Verified business.

Verified Businesses get the most out of HomeStars
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Give Customers One More Reason To Trust You
As a Verified Pro, homeowners will be reassured that they're hiring a credible business.
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Qualify for Best of HomeStars Awards
Only Verified businesses will now be considered for our annual Best of HomeStars Awards.
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Make Your Profile Stand Out
When it's decision time, a Verified badge will help you stand above the competition.
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Becoming Verified Is Easy
STEP 1: Submit above online form
STEP 2: Receive an email link to submit required information
STEP 3: Wait 48 hours for HomeStars to verify your business
STEP 4: Get a Verified badge on your profile

*Currently only available for Brand Builder customers.