Invest in Your Future with HomeStars

Invest in Your Future with HomeStars

If you want to invest in your future, you need to start today. Joining the HomeStars platform is an investment in the future of your business. There is no such thing as an overnight success, but HomeStars is here to set you on the right path. HomeStars can help build your online reputation and expand the online exposure of your business to scale up. There are many ways HomeStars helps home service pros plan for success, but here are the three integral ways we can expand your business’ exposure.

1. Showcase Legitimate Reviews

HomeStars is growing and more and more homeowners across Canada are flocking to our platform to research home service pros and read their reviews. In June 2021, over seven thousand reviews written by clients about home service companies were published and 3,600 service requests were submitted. Homeowners know they can rely on HomeStars to provide honest feedback about who to hire for their home service projects.

Having reviews is crucial to your success as a home service pro. Homeowners rely on the social proof they find on HomeStars to make smart hiring decisions. According to a recent HomeStars homeowners survey, the most common reason homeowners go to HomeStars is to follow up on a pro they are already interested in hiring. 90% of homeowners surveyed will not hire a pro without reviews, even if they offer the lowest price.

Having an assortment of reviews on the HomeStars platform signifies value to homeowners. Homeowners trust HomeStars to have legitimate reviews because all reviews are moderated before publishing. Staying on top of reviews ensures you aren’t missing out on potential work opportunities because the more reviews you have, the more likely you are to attract more work.

2. Brand and Reputation Management

HomeStars makes it easier for hire-ready homeowners to find you so you can do what you do best — creating great work for your clients. You can manage your business marketing on your own terms while expanding your digital brand reputation, saving you time to focus on running your business smoothly.

HomeStars offers your business the tools to help you create a brand presence online. Building a HomeStars account with reviews, ratings and images will help you build a trusted brand, generating more attention from homeowners to your business. Having a listing on HomeStars helps pros retain clients and build rapport by allowing the opportunity for consistent interaction and open communication.

By knowing what your clients are saying about your brand, you will be able to easily monitor your online reputation and quickly mitigate complaints as needed.

3. Dedicated to Your Success

HomeStars is here for you every step of the way in your journey to success. When you join HomeStars, you are connected with your very own personal Account Manager to determine your business needs and the best way for you to utilize the HomeStars platform.

Account Managers will consult home service pros on how to up their online exposure through HomeStars. HomeStars account managers are supported by a top-notch team of leading experts in the digital marketing field. Your account manager is your very own personal marketing assistant, ready to assist you in any way they can. They can offer you valuable advice on how to navigate the HomeStars platforms and which tools can help you achieve your business goals.

Connect with a HomeStars Sales Representative today and get started on investing in the future of your home service business!

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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