How To Grow Your Business During Labour Shortage?

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The labour shortage in Canada has been a topic of discussion for the past several months and for good reason. Canada is facing record numbers in terms of job vacancies and a lack of skilled workers while a considerable chunk of the labour force is retiring. Apart from the pandemic and its restrictions, there are several factors like unsatisfactory compensation, lack of skilled trades’ training and more that have led to such numbers. According to Statistics Canada, employers faced a tough time hiring people in the first quarter of 2002, with only 33.6 new employees filling in for every 100 vacancies. In times like these, it is crucial to revisit strategies to keep your business growing even amidst the labour shortage.

Here’s a look at 5 ways to optimize business and grow it during this time:

Automate Manual Processes

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When there’s a shortage of labour, you would want to focus your available resources on the actual task at hand, rather than doing laborious but essential ad-hoc tasks for your business. By adopting a digital approach to these processes, you can significantly cut down on your resources’ time. Exercises like physically marketing your business can be made simpler with HomeStars vehicle decals or HomeStars Social Badges that advertise your business for you when you are on the go. You can also use resources like the HomeStars automated replies to quickly get back to homeowners while spending less time manually responding to every message or query. HomeStars has also made it easier to request reviews for tasks completed, so you can focus on the next one!

Concentrate On The Season’s Demands

As a business owner, you may want to take up every job that comes your way and also reach out to more and more homeowners for every service you offer. While there is no harm in trying, with the current labour shortage in Canada, it’s a good idea to stay ahead of the game with smart choices. Depending on the season’s needs, focus your marketing efforts on trending tasks that are likely to get you more leads. You can also check out options about becoming more selective in the projects you take up. This will ensure that you get the right queries that you can take up and deliver on time.

Hire Subcontractors, Part-Timers And Apprentices

The Canadian labour shortage has made it extremely difficult to hire new full-time resources. According to Statistics Canada, there were nearly a million job openings across the country in the last quarter of 2021 and the unemployment rate reached a record low of 4.9% in June 2022. However, employment among the youth, especially students, has been favourable and continues to be good for the summer job market. In situations like this, you can consider hiring apprentices who are looking for job experience or even part-timers who take up these summer jobs. You can also consider hiring subcontractors who may be looking for business opportunities.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency means making the most of time, resources, wealth, inventory, equipment and other elements in an optimized way to maximize business revenues. While automating manual processes surely improves people and time management, there are other things you can change as well. Consider renting seasonal equipment instead of buying it and paying extra money on storage. If you don’t need a physical space, consider digital business operations and promotions to stay visible without spending on lease or rent. By taking stock of the current situation and optimizing the essentials, you can save on many resources and increase efficiency.

Offer More Benefits To Existing Employees

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Another unfortunate cause of the labour shortage in Canada is also the inability to retain existing employees. In the current labour market, it’s best to hold onto current employees so as not to lose out on more work. By extending benefits to employees and creating a better work environment, you can keep your employees happier and more eager to take on more projects. When you look after them, they look after your business. Consider extending current benefits in terms of compensation, flexible work hours, health benefits and growth opportunities to make it an attractive business to be employed with.

Use the tips to stay ahead of the game and with insights like these, you are sure to keep growing your business. If you still have any questions about using the HomeStars resources, get in touch with your Dedicated Customer Success Manager today!

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