10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Join HomeStars

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HomeStars is Canada’s #1 platform connecting homeowners to community-reviewed home service professionals. Every day, thousands of project-ready Canadian homeowners visit HomeStars to find a pro for their next home renovation or repair by reading reviews and Star Score ratings. Consider these 10 reasons why you should join our network of pros and take your business to new heights!

1. Reviews Help You Win More Business

When you create a company profile on HomeStars, your customer reviews will be showcased front and centre. 98% of Canadian homeowners read online reviews before hiring a pro for their renovation project. Therefore, having a HomeStars profile with an abundance of recent reviews can increase your chances of winning the job over the competition. As a registered pro on HomeStars, you can easily request unlimited reviews with the HomeStars for Pros app.

2. Millions of Homeowners Visit HomeStars

With over 8 million homeowner visits to our platform, we are able to put your business in front of millions of project-ready homeowners. For maximum exposure, upgraded profiles get bonus ads on competitors’ pages and homeowner searches. As we are Canada’s largest marketplace connecting homeowners and home service professionals, you’ll be in front of homeowners on a daily basis.

3. Multiple Ways to Connect with Your Next Customer

With all the exposure we bring our pros, a polished and up-to-date profile with frequent positive reviews can result in numerous connections for your business. Whether it be profile visits, phone clicks, or qualified homeowner leads, your connections will flourish with time and commitment to building a polished profile, with 10/10-star reviews. You can also add links to your social media profiles and business website by creating an upgraded account. 

4. Cost-Effective Marketing For Your Business

With many advertising programs like pay-per-click, social and online ads costing thousands of dollars per month, HomeStars is a tool that compliments these initiatives at a fraction of the cost. For example, a homeowner may find you through your paid Google ads, but how will they validate your reputation and feel confident in choosing you? Homeowners will still visit your HomeStars profile to verify your reputation before reaching out. This confidence booster is crucial in winning more jobs. For many of our pros, a mere 2-3 HomeStars jobs cover an annual subscription, making an upgraded profile completely worthwhile and then some.

5. Benefit from Strong SEO Results

Homeowners do their research before a home renovation project, and most take their research to Google. With a strong domain authority, HomeStars ranks high in Google search results. What does that mean for you? More homeowners find your business in relevant home project searches, expanding your online exposure! HomeStars helps your business attract more eyes for success.

6. Qualify for the Annual Best of HomeStars Awards

Upgraded members have the opportunity to qualify and win a Best of HomeStars Award. This award is given to pros on the HomeStars platform who deliver top-notch customer service, have built themselves a golden reputation, and go above and beyond client expectations. This award helps earn homeowner trust and sets you apart from the competition! In 2021, 75% of all service requests that were submitted by homeowners on HomeStars were for businesses that proudly showcased the Best of Awards badges on their profiles. Only 2.5% of registered businesses win a Best of Awards while they get chosen by homeowners 75% of the time! Here’s how you can qualify for a Best of Awards for 2023.

7. A Dedicated Account Manager

It’s HomeStars’ priority to make sure that members find success with the program. That’s why each upgraded pro has a dedicated Account Manager who’s there to support you every step of the way. From the first onboarding call to ongoing support requesting reviews, getting Verified, updating your profile and more, we’re here to help!

8. Your Profile Doubles as a Closing Tool and Website

An upgraded profile can definitely help you win more business on the HomeStars platform but is also an exceptional tool to help you close jobs outside of the platform. Share your profile with prospects, showcasing your portfolio of reviews, photos, and company details to help win the job. Plus, for those who don’t have a website, use your HomeStars profile as precisely that. Make your own custom profile link, and share it with the world!

9. Get Verified and Earn Homeowner Trust

Homeowners are becoming increasingly cautious and selective when hiring a pro. 8 out of 10 homeowners hire a verified pro for their home improvement project. That’s why HomeStars pros go through a rigorous verification check to ensure they’re up to date in their legal and professional requirements. Once Verified, pros receive a badge on their profile showing their trusted status to hiring homeowners helping them earn more business.

10. A Marketing Team Working to Drive More Connections

HomeStars is continuously working to drive homeowners to the site. With a robust marketing plan including email marketing, online ads, SEO, social, national TV and radio campaigns and more, our team is here to deliver your business maximum exposure, bringing more homeowners to your profile.

It’s no wonder thousands of pros across Canada use HomeStars as their marketing partner to connect with their next customer – isn’t it time you did too?

Article Updated on: March 9, 2022

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