How to Create a Custom HomeStars Profile Link

homestars profile with custom profile link

Creating a custom web address for your HomeStars profile makes it easier to market your business and share your profile link with potential customers. When done right, your custom profile link can help drive more profile visits, putting more jobs on the books! Let’s uncover what a custom profile link is and how to make your own.

What is a Custom Profile Link?

A custom profile link, also known as a “subdomain” on the HomeStars platform, is a modified, usually shortened web address. This simplified URL can be used as an alternative web address pointing to your HomeStars profile. It simplifies your profile’s web address by appearing more concise and places emphasis on your business name.

When we visit The Stony Company profile, you will notice the unnaturally long web address, with unnecessary information for customers and multiple numbers.

HomeStars web address example on live website

Not the best fit to use on marketing materials due to the excess length of characters. However, when you customize it, you can create a link that looks better and makes it easier for prospects to suss out your profile.

How to Create a Custom Profile Link

To create a customer profile link you will need to reach out to your dedicated Account Manager. They will be able to update the URL for you right away and will guide you through best practices on what URL adjustments would work best for your business.

How to Use Your Custom Profile Link

Once your custom profile link is created, it’s time to get the new and improved profile address out to the public. The new subdomain makes an excellent addition to your business cards, company email signature, and as a virtual hand-off to potential clients when they’re in the vetting process of choosing you over the competition!

Get creative and get your subdomain out there. If you’re looking for more ways to build and improve your profile visits and engagement on your HomeStars, then check out “4 Ways to Get More Eyes on Your HomeStars Profile” and discover other tips and tricks that will help build your homeowner connections. Otherwise, reach out to your Account Manager and get started on your custom profile link today!

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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