HomeStars Homeowner Discoveries: What Matters Most

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HomeStars connects Canadians with community-reviewed home service pros so homeowners can hire right the first time. With a robust marketing plan, we’ve hit the gas on digital marketing including a national TV campaign, and advertising across Google, Bing, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more. This audience growth has provided us with the opportunity to test and analyze our homeowner-targeted messaging. These analyses help us better understand what homeowners are looking for in a pro. Here’s what we’ve discovered through our research and how you can use it to grow your own business.

Homeowners Want to Connect With a Pro, Fast!

Whether it be an emergency home repair or new kitchen renovation, most HomeStars visitors are at the height of their research journey. Given today’s fast-paced world, it’s no surprise that they’re looking to connect and start the job ASAP. This makes HomeStars a valuable asset to homeowners as they count on us to connect them with someone quickly. Our research determined that homeowners want to connect fast with pros but are willing to invest time into their home project to make sure it’s done right.

Key Takeaway: Respond to leads quickly. Once you connect with the homeowner, review expectations, timelines, and pricing thoroughly. Fill them in on why a job may take a certain amount of time. They’re likely willing to take a longer time on a project if they know the job will be done right with a responsible professional vs someone who guarantees an unrealistic turnaround time.

Homeowners Don’t Want to Hire Just Anyone

HomeStars empowers homeowners to make smart hiring decisions. They utilize our trust metrics such as Star Score and Verification to sift through pros and ensure they hire at the lowest risk possible. Throughout our homeowner research, we discovered that homeowners are extremely cautious of who they bring into their homes and want full control here. HomeStars trust metrics and reviews help guide them in the right direction, but the homeowner ultimately makes the final hiring decision.

Key takeaway: Pros should make it easy for homeowners to deem their business trustworthy by leveraging their Verified by HomeStars status wherever possible, including on your website, company vehicles and email signatures to give your business a competitive edge.

Homeowners Want to Keep Their Homes Safe

Preventative measures strike a chord with homeowners. For example, the thought of a tree falling and ruining their home creates a heightened sense of urgency/anxiety even though it hasn’t happened yet. Homeowners should be educated on what could go wrong, or what is required to keep their home safe to ensure their family is protected.

Key takeaway: Sharing this information with your audience, whether it be a blog article, social media post, or even some additional information on your website, is a great way to educate them on what is needed to keep a home protected. It will help influence their desire to connect with you, as safety and prevention for future home catastrophes resonate with homeowners.

Homeowners Aren’t Looking For the Lowest Price

Homeowners are becoming more aware that the lowest price isn’t always the best. A low quote can mean a pro is inexperienced or will ask for more money later on in the renovation process. Instead, homeowners look for an honest upfront quote to save them from the extra hassle and money down the line.

Key takeaway: If you’re a home service professional with an excellent reputation and reviews to back you up, you can factor that into your fee. Keep your online reputation in mint condition so homeowners will feel comfortable with your fees, knowing that they’re hiring and paying for the best.

Homeowners Want Quality Work

Given that homeowners are not always shopping for the lowest price, it’s no surprise that they’re looking for quality workmanship. With so many horror stories in the media about home renovations gone wrong, homeowners are doing their due diligence to research and hire a pro who has a reputable background.

Key takeaway: With quality work being a priority, proof of this is vital to a homeowner’s hiring decision. Galleries speak a thousand words and provide evidence of your level of expertise. Be sure to add photos that show off your high-quality workmanship regularly.

Reviews Matter to Hiring Homeowners

Ultimately, homeowners make their hiring decisions on HomeStars with the help of reviews. They’re what make HomeStars profiles so valuable and are one of the most important items that help homeowners pick a pro.
We mention reviews frequently in our online homeowner advertising which attracts more homeowner visits.

Key takeaway: Share with the world that you have reviews readily available. Whether it’s adding the HomeStars review widget to your website, or creating a custom HomeStars profile link and adding this to your marketing materials helps researching homeowners find your reviews seamlessly.

Keep these key insights in mind and use them to your advantage. See where you can align with these findings and where you need to improve. From integrating reviews on your website to responding faster to leads, there are always things that will take your business one step further and help homeowners choose you over the competition!

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