How to Win a HomeStars Best of Award?

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The HomeStars Best of Awards are a celebration of excellence, with our best home service pros on the guest list; pros that deliver top-notch customer service, have built themselves a golden reputation, and go above and beyond client expectations. Homeowners experience added confidence hiring Best of Award winners as it helps to validate their choice and provides peace of mind.

So, you may be wondering, what does it take to become a HomeStars Best of Award winner, and how can your business qualify for next year?

  • Be an Upgraded HomeStars Member!

Only upgraded members can qualify to win a Best of Award. Upgraded profiles unlock to tools that give homeowners a true sense of confidence in hiring your business with Verification, company logo and branding, photo galleries, cover photo, visible contact information, full business details that validate that you’re a legitimate and professional business.

  • Collect at Least 12 Reviews in the Previous Calendar Year

Positive reviews are the most significant indication to potential customers that you’re the best pro for hire! Regular reviews demonstrate consistency, and that you care about your reputation. They also share with the world that you’re sincere with your customers, and care about the work you do.

Best of Award winners must have a minimum of 12 positive reviews in a calendar year, with certain exceptions made for pros who take on larger, less frequent jobs per year like home builders.

  • Maintain a High Star Score

While positive reviews are one of the components that help companies earn a high Star Score, other factors are taken into consideration. Being swift and courteous when responding to reviews, promptly actioning new leads, providing superior and consistent customer service, and overall being receptive and appreciative of your customers will help you in maintaining your Star Score.

  • Ensure You’re Verified by HomeStars

All Best of Award winners must be Verified by HomeStars, which as a reminder, is only available to upgraded members. Having an excellent reputation is crucial, but it’s just as important that a business is doing things right, and that their professional and legal requirements are up to date.

  • You’ve Experienced No Fraudulent/Suspicious Activity in the Last 2 Years

We pride ourselves on review integrity, and that means only publishing vetted, legitimate reviews, written by homeowners. Businesses flagged with review tampering or the bullying of homeowners will not be in the running for a HomeStars Best of Award.

What Happens When You Win?

Winners will receive a “Best of HomeStars” badge on their profile, indicating their winner status to job-ready homeowners, and will be invited to our annual Best of Awards, an exclusive celebration with other like-minded pros who put their customers first.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a HomeStars Best of Award winner? Then keep building your online reputation by ramping up reviews, get Verified (or re-Verified) by HomeStars before Dec. 31, and maintain a strong Star Score, and you could qualify to join the winner’s club!

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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