Recently some shingles on our roof shifted and rain damaged our bedroom and bathroom ceilings. When I looked in the attic I could see blue sky, but the rain was on the way. Fortunately we found Harold and his team arrived a couple of hours later and fixed the problem before the 50 mm of rain came. Then they matched the shingles and a couple of days later made the permanent repair. Very happy with Harold and his team.

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thanks for the nice comments/review. I have done this hundreds of time for people and one person finally wrote an thank you type note, thanks.


In 2004 Avenue Road replaced both our shingle roof and a small flat room. The shingle roof had a 10 year warranty and the flat roof 20 years. In 2014 the flat roof leaked and damaged our family room ceiling. They sent a repair man and fixed both to our satisfaction. A few months later a number of shingles on our pitched roof shifted and they sent someone to fix it at our cost, two or three months after the warranty expired. Recently these same shingles shifted again and have damaged our bedroom and bathroom ceilings. When I looked in the attic I could see blue sky, but the rain was on the way. They refused to sent anyone to fix it before the rain came again, wanted a week to send someone to do an estimate and then who knows how much rain and how much damage would ensue. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE LACK OF SERVICE.

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As we do not know which customer or project this is for, we are at a disadvantage and do not have the opportunity to look into this matter properly.

Your post states we did your flat and shingle roof in 2004. This would put both projects four years beyond the warranty period.

With the many storms we have had this year a lot of damage has ensued. We have been inundated with calls and service requests and have been doing our best to service everyone. With the high volume wait times for service are inevitable, and we are honest from the point of the call letting our clients/future clients know of our current wait times.

We apologize we weren’t able to service you quicker. We wouldn't have refused to send someone to look at your project; we simply would have been booked and had no availability.

Please email me direct and I will be pleased to review the matter. As you had stated; our demonstrated history has been to help you in the past.

Feedback is always appreciated as it allows us to continuously grow.

Cynthia Pateropoulos