What Sets Apart The HomeStars Customer Support

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When you sign up with HomeStars, you not only create a powerful online presence but also receive exceptional customer service through our experienced customer success managers. What sets apart the support at HomeStars, is the experience of the team when it comes to all things HomeStars and also succeeding at HomeStars. Let’s take a deeper look at how the customer support team can help you grow your business and succeed at HomeStars! 

HomeStars Profile 101 Onboarding Webinar 

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As a new business on HomeStars, the first step towards success is to create a powerful HomeStars profile. Our Customer Success Managers host weekly online webinars that walk you through all things about your profile – from the importance of a good profile and how to create one to homeowner connections and service requests. As a new HomeStars member, this is a quick and engaging way to learn all about your profile. You can also take this opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about your profile or our services.  

HomeStars Customer Support For All Things Profile

If you miss the HomeStars Profile 101 webinar or have additional questions about your profile, our customer service team can help you build a strong profile through guided walkthroughs of the website profile and app. From best practices to quick tips – they can share with you all the best ways you can set up your profile for success. 

Customer Support For App And Profile 

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As a new premium member of HomeStars, you will need to learn the features of the HomeStars profile on the desktop or mobile app, and our customer success managers can guide you through the same. Whether it’s setting up automated replies or responding to leads, they can help you how to navigate the profile and app. You can also learn more about the other features like turning on vacation mode, viewing your Success Metrics Dashboard and much more. 

Dedicated HomeStars Customer Support For Your Business

When you sign up with HomeStars, what sets apart the customer experience is the dedicated support of your customer success manager. Your business will be assigned to one of the expert customer support members and you never have to worry about reaching out to multiple people for any queries or issues. 


Ready to sign up with HomeStars? Get in touch with us today and start your journey toward building a strong online presence with HomeStars! 

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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