HomeStars Success Story: Best of The Best Winner CARGO CABBIE

A moving truck of Cargo Cabbie against the backdrop of CN Tower in Toronto

We recently announced our Best of Awards 2023, and with 944 reviews and a Star Score rating of a whopping 9.9/10, CARGO CABBIE is leading the way when it comes to moving, packing and storage. It’s not rare to find homeowners being stressed about moving – as there are so many things that can go wrong! This is where our Best of the Best award winner steps in – and assures a worry-free move, every time. So we sat down with Javier Lirman, owner of Cargo Cabbie and talked about their business, winning the Best of Award and much more!   

Tell Us About The Beginning… 

Growing up surrounded by a family of business owners, it only seemed natural for me to explore my own entrepreneurial endeavours. When I arrived in Canada, the encouraging atmosphere created the perfect opportunity for me to turn my dreams into a reality.

In 2010, I seized that chance and founded CARGO CABBIE. What inspired me to create the company was my unfortunate experience after hiring some people off Kijiji who stole what little belongings I had. This served as a major motivation for me to build a moving company based not just on trustworthiness, but also on exceptional customer service and professionalism. With grit and determination, and support from my peers, CARGO CABBIE quickly gained traction across Toronto. 

I started CARGO CABBIE with a mission to make the entire moving experience stress-free and enjoyable. It has taken us a long journey of hard work and dedication to get where we are today. Over the years, our success has grown as we passionately strive to be the best we can be.

-Javier Lirman

Thoughts On Standing Apart From The Competition… 

Cargo Cabbie members in a warehouse

Our commitment to exceptional customer service and quality performance is what makes us stand out. We put our hearts and minds into each job and treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated – attentive customer service, quick responses, attention to detail, and comprehensive care. We stay true to this policy and are proud to be awarded Toronto’s Best Movers by platforms like HomeStars, BlogTO, Houzz, and ThreeBestRated. 

Our team is also made up of highly trained and friendly individuals who offer top-notch packing, moving, and storage services tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. On top of that, we offer fair prices so that our clients have an accurate cost breakdown from the start, and no unexpected or hidden fees along the way. We understand how stressful such costs can be and how they can significantly impact your experience as seen on CBC’s Marketplace. Lack of cost transparency and poor customer service are what have given our industry a not-so-stellar reputation. So we strive to set things right and steer away from anything that can cause unpleasant surprises. 

-Javier Lirman 

Thoughts On Being An Industry Leader…

A Cargo Cabbie truck in front of a house

CARGO CABBIE has been around for more than 10 years now, and it certainly took a lot of hard work, passion and determination to become an industry leader. But staying at the top of the game is no easy feat – like most companies, we’ve had to weather multiple storms such as a global pandemic, labour shortage, real estate downturn, lack of migration and economic instability.

On top of all these external factors, there are thousands of moving competitors in the same space, vying for attention. With so much competition on our doorstep, CARGO CABBIE had to ensure it provided each and every customer with exemplary services that could earn rave reviews. And prove itself worthy of its place at the top of Google search results! We had to go above and beyond when it came to ensuring that customers are fully satisfied, and jobs are completed on time while complying with our high customer service standards and communication protocols.

-Javier Lirman

On Joining HomeStars… 

My interest in HomeStars started when a friend of mine referred me to the platform as a great source for local businesses, like mine, to connect with customers and each other. With all the positive reviews from people with real experiences on HomeStars it became clear that this was one of the most trusted sources to find highly reputable and creditable experts in home services – the perfect place for us. 

This transparency and credibility are two reasons why I decided to join HomeStars. What also persuaded me was being able to showcase my business to the desired audience that it serves best. All these reasons proved why HomeStars is an amazing tool for businesses looking for quality leads or alternatively customers looking for trusted businesses. 

-Javier Lirman

The HomeStars Journey… 

Joining HomeStars has been great for my business growth and online presence. After becoming part of this community, I’ve seen a steady volume of referrals coming through the platform directly or independently. HomeStars has enabled people to find high-quality businesses like CARGO CABBIE, and we’re thrilled to be able to promote our business and its services to a large online audience with true interest. Being with HomeStars has also opened new doors for making homeowner connections and collaborating with other local businesses, and we look forward to exploring this more. 

-Javier Lirman

Tips On Gathering Reviews… 

Cargo Cabbie staff loading a truck

Offering exceptional customer service is no easy task, but the positive reviews that your customers submit are a testament to the hard work and dedication you put into making sure everyone’s needs are met. To ensure success, nurture and grow your team by providing them with proper training and as well as fair pay, and show pride in your brand with every interaction that you have. 

Finally, do not be afraid to ask customers directly if they can leave a review; often it is all they need to be reminded of the good work you have done! You’ll likely receive a glowing review if you’ve met or exceeded their expectations. And if you haven’t and they leave a poor review, you’ve got work to do. How can you rectify the situation and ensure the client leaves satisfied? At the end of the day, business from a repeat client or word-of-mouth is the best form of business. 

-Javier Lirman

Winning The Best of Award And Promoting It…

Winning the HomeStars Best of Award in 2023 is an honour for everyone here at CARGO CABBIE, and it means that we are being recognized as providing top-quality services to our customers and partners. This prestigious award is an affirmation of the hard work our team has put in to get to where we are today. We are delighted by this recognition and will let everyone know through our website, campaigns, and communications. 

-Javier Lirman 

If you are feeling inspired after knowing about CARGO CABBIE’s story, contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager today to know more about how HomeStars can help you succeed!  

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