We were very impressed with their service, very friendly and professional. They answered all of our questions and asked if we were satisfied with the work they have done. I will definitely recommend them for attic insulation.

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Company Response

Hi Slavica,

Thank you for the great review and for taking the time to leave us some feedback. We here at EcoComfort want to make the process simple and convenient for our customers. We always strive to provide comprehensive service to ensure all your attic needs are fully taken care of and to ensure that our customers are comfortable and confident in the amazing quality of work and service they are receiving. We're so happy you had a great experience working with us!
Thanks again, and enjoy!



I am answering your response: Please do not post false emails that you have sent me, I only received the original email stating the cost of the warranty replacement. No other emails where sent to me. You have my telephone number, why would you not contact me directly to discuss the problem instead of posting false information. I have the Invoice and there it states if I can provide a picture a diagnostic charge will not be be charged and a the company can prepare the warrantied part. There is no mention of a charge for warranty work. If there is please email that to me. It is very untrue that you have attempted to contact me numerous times. I have also emailed you to see if I can get the part that is covered under warranty and install myself. But Have not gotten any response from you. You want to charge me $160+tax for service, but I have seen that you have charged others $80. Can you explain that. Please let me know where I can get the part. I contacted this company over 3 years ago to install a new Patio Door and Storm Door for my parents who are in their mid 80's. They work was good, but now when the Screen Slider Frame of their Patio Doors is cracking and braking off, they say they will come and fix only after we pay $160 + TAX. On my parents receipt it states the Patio Door Frame has a Life time warranty. I have never had an experience where a company charged to come out to do warranty work. The service is always covered and the warranty work is done. This is a Breach of Warranty! DONT USE Them for any work. As per your Company response, it is not true that there have been numerous attempts by your company and manufacturer to contact me. I have called 3 times and emailed once. They contacted me once by email and then you called me once. I will take the free parts and do the replacement ourselves. Will not pay $160+tax for you to replace them. I read in a previous complaint you charged them $80 dollars, why now $160+Tax. Please let me know where I can pick up the parts?

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Company Response

Dear Slavika,
Kindly stop putting false reviews.
Please see below copies of numerous emails that were sent to you to which you never replied.

Sent: Monday, June 05, 2017 2:01 PM
To: hidden purposefully to protect your privacy

Dear Mr. Kotnjek,

This is re your service request for the above address (hidden). We shall be glad to send our service technician asap. There is going to be a labour charge of $160.00+HST for the service visit. I have attached the payment form. Kindly fill-up the form and send it back to confirm you want us to proceed with the visit.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, May 19, 2017 at 4:20 PM
To: hidden purposefully to protect your privacy
Subject: Service case #: 6076806 - There has been an update in your service request case

We would like to schedule the service visit on,

Please confirm your availability as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours.

Thank you

Dear Slavica,
We appreciate your feedback and are sorry that you feel that way. After numerous attempts with you to schedule the diagnostics visit for the manufacturer, we were unable to do so. Kindly read the warranty terms in the back of your contract. It is clearly stipulated what are the terms (the material is warranted, however, the labour is not). This warranty terms are standard for any construction company (i.e. if your furnace breaks down, parts are covered, labour is not).

Furthermore, for the customer service we stand for, we agreed to cover the parts for free (even though it was wear and tear damage that is not covered by any warranty).

If you want to proceed with parts coverage for free, kindly call back our service department and we will gladly honour the offer your parents were given.


I Signed the contract with Westview Paving in June, unfortunately the water shutoff had to be repaired by the Region of Peel that process took 11 weeks to be completed. The wait was a nightmare; Roy always remained very helpful and tried his best to complete the driveway as quickly as possible after the pipe was repaired. I would recommend this company to others because of the helpfulness and common courtesy Roy displayed.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review slavica and for choosing us to build your project. It's great to know that we were able to meet your expectations.


My 80 year old parents were making a big move from Hamilton to Mississauga and I hired Avenue Home Inspection October 18, 2012 to Inspect a house my parents wanted to buy. Unfortunately my father become very ill in the process so I hoped everything would go well with the inspection so they could buy the home and move in asap. George did a quick inspection of the home and assured us there was no major issues. When my parents finally sold their home and moved in June 21, 2013, we discovered so many things that were not noted in the inspection report. One of the items was an unstable metal support beam in the basement, leaks in the ceiling of the garage, sever deterioration of the masonry in the arch above the front porch. Please be cautious and don't use Avenue Home Inspections. When I contacted George his only explanation was that these items have been altered after the sale. Please do not use him to do your inspection, my elderly parents are now stuck with a lot of stress and the task making all these costly repairs.

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