Contacted company via email April 2014. Requested patio doors to be installed at my elderly mothers home. Excellent communication via email. Alex Sel was very professional. Service flawless and quick, job impeccable. Doors Low-E + Argon glass unit (Cardinal glass) work perfectly, no defects, no drafts, no complaints. My mother was the one who met with them in person and was very very happy. Three years later and everything is working perfectly. Product delivered and installed as promised. Wish I could get this kind of honest reliable service with everything in my life! Thank you Alex and your team!

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Company Response

Hi Cathy, Thank you very much for great review. We are happy to work with such nice customers like you. Sincerely, Alex Sel


I have purchased this oven in May 2013. At this point the only thing I like about it is its look. Whats wrong with it, everything! It takes 17 minutes to boil water. It says it has a fast boil option, this does not work, it takes 25 minutes for the over to heat up. And the self Aqualift self cleaning option is completely false and does not work. You put in 2 cups of water, turn on the self clean option, it warms up the water, and 40 minutes later, your oven is as dirty as it was before. My previous oven that would heat up very high for 4 hours was 100% self cleaning, and it was a cheap oven. This oven is terrible. Also the control buttons are difficult to press, you have to press hard, sometimes you think you will break your finger. The convection part of the oven does not seem to help in any way in cooking or reducint cooking time. I am very disappointed in this appliance and would not buy it again or recommend it to anyone. I will be calling Wirlpool now, and I am sure based on the other reviews here of other peoples experience with their customer service, I will grow grey and have to go on stress leave after its all done. I am sorry I am being so negative ahead of time. But I am just very dissapointed in this product.

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Excellent customer service, wonderful staff, good workmanship, organized, punctual. However in the end a client wants to receive a product of quality that is none defective. I received my white quartz countertop with 3 major ink looking like marks in very visable location by the sink, they stand out like a sore thumb, everyone notices them, there is no way of covering it up because of the location and quartz cant be fixed. They said nothing can be done, and warrenty only covers stains/inperfections that are a dime size or bigger (yes you heard me right, dime size) I checked many companies warrenties and they are very similar. My advice is, you ask to see the actual stone prior to it being cut for you and check every single inch for any damage, stains, inconsistencies, especially if it is a solid colour quartz (Imprefections in colourful granite you cannot see) Do not (as most people do) pick your stone from a sample and companies will assure you that it will look like this with natural variences only. What I recieved is not a natural varience, the stone is defective due to a poor manufacturing process. I am very dissapointed that they delivered the product to my home, especially since I picked a more expensive stone to get highest quality, and paid one third more. I am very dissapionted, I did not expect that this kind of defective stone to be delivered to my home and no solution was offered to me by City Home Granite that could fix the problem and if not they should have offered to replace it. Instead I got "this is just the way it is". Very disappointed.

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