I have 3 sheds from Summerwood, a 'Lean to', an 8 x 10 Urban Studio and a custom sized 11 x 10 Urban Studio. All 3 are extremely well made and the Urban Studio's look wonderful in my backyard. For installation we did 3 different methods: the 'lean to' my husband and I got the kit from Summerwood and we did the build ourselves. The instructions were clear and we had no issues putting it together, however it was a bit difficult for just the two of us as some parts are very heavy. The custom built studio was installed by a contractor I had doing other work in the backyard - again they found the instructions clear however it did take them ~3 days to complete the install. The 8 x 10 studio was delivered and installed by Summerwood and they completed the work within 1 day (just had to come back to finish the rubber membrane on the roof the next day. I highly recommend spending the extra few $s to have Summerwood complete the installation. I am extremely please with the quality of the sheds and the responsiveness of Summerwood any time I had a question. I highly recommend them if you are looking to install any type of Shed/Gazebo etc.