5 Tips to Strengthen Your Business’ Reputation During COVID-19

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As a small business, you may be facing some inevitable downtime right now, and our team wants to help you make the most of it. Use this time to enhance your online reputation, so when homeowners are ready to spring into their summer reno and repair projects, you’re their top choice for hire.

Update and Improve Your HomeStars Profile

Your HomeStars profile likely needs a spring clean. Log in to your account, visit your profile and evaluate the content you have listed. Does your company description need some sprucing up? Do you have all of your project types listed? Or maybe your certifications have grown, and it’s time to update them. Polish up your profile so homeowners know what it is that your business does and what sets you apart from the competition.

Now’s the Time for Gallery Updates

After you’ve spring cleaned your business details, revisit your photo galleries. Do they accurately reflect the services you offer and the level of expertise? Are they up-to-date and organized appropriately for easy vetting? We recommend grouping photos into galleries of similar projects (i.e. stone driveway, paved driveway, etc.).

Photos provide evidence of the quality work you do and help potential customers visualize their home improvement goals, so make sure they show your best work, while homeowners are at home doing research and planning their summer projects.

Evaluate Your Other Online Business Listings

Like your HomeStars profile, your other online listings may need a refresh, too. From your Google My Business page to your Facebook and Instagram business accounts, ask yourself: Is your phone number, address and website accurate and the same in each of these platforms? Are you posting content, relative and sensitive to the current pandemic? It’s crucial to keep your online pages current, and your posts contextual and frequent to continue to strengthen your company’s search engine rankings.

Collect Reviews While Homeowners Have More Downtime

There is no better time than now to follow up with past customers and ask for a review. Whether it’s a client you serviced recently or a friendly check-in with someone who promised their feedback, take this time to build that portfolio of reviews – our top pros use the HomeStars for Pros app.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Outside of reviews, take this time to show customers that you care and appreciate them. Send a quick check-in email to past or current clients, showing them you’re grateful for their business and are concerned for their well being and safety. If you’re not actively taking on new jobs right now, it’s also a great opportunity to let customers know that you will be ready and eager to work with them when the time is right.

Collaborate with Your Account Manager

If you need help or are looking for additional support or advice, reach out to your dedicated Account Manager. They’re here for your success and will help you use this unique time to strengthen your online presence, so when the storm finally subsides, you’re all set to hit the ground running.

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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