4 Steps to Building Homeowner Trust to Win More Jobs

One of the biggest challenges homeowners face when it comes to home renovation and repair projects is finding a trusted and reliable pro to get the job done, right. From contractors taking 12 months to finish a 3-month job to vanishing with a homeowner’s deposit, the horror stories are real. It’s obvious why 88% of homeowners read online reviews before making a hiring decision.

For pros, the road to winning more jobs means easing homeowner concerns and building trust at the onset. Follow these 4 steps to make a great first impression and instill client trust:

1. Do Your Homework

Too many contractors pick up the phone to call a new lead without really knowing anything about the job they’re calling about. Avoid going into a sales call flying blind. Show the homeowner that they’re not just another name on a calling list. Demonstrate this by reiterating the job details, and share with the homeowner your knowledge as it pertains to their specific project.

2. Ask Questions While Being an Active Listener

Homeowners want to hire professionals who make them feel comfortable and take the time to understand their goals and personal preferences. While your potential client will likely know the overall objective of their home renovation or repair project, they may need to talk it out. Listen attentively and ask open-ended questions to understand their vision and uncover potential hidden needs. Be friendly throughout to establish rapport.

3. Share Your Previous Work and Use Examples

Showcase your best work on similar projects by sharing before and after galleries on your HomeStars profile, or share positive reviews from past clients to gain confidence.

4. Create Timelines and Manage Expectations

When planning a home reno, explain each of the project phases they can expect in detail, from design, appropriate permitting, and construction — with a realistic timeline for each stage, allowing a buffer for unforeseen delays. Assure them that your team (and any sub-trades you employ) will respect their wishes regarding daily arrival/departure times and workplace cleaning requirements. Once you’ve jointly scoped out the project, provide a detailed budget estimate. It’s better to underpromise and overdeliver. Exceeding expectations strengthens trust and creates loyalty so that they may recommend you to a friend down the road.

In short, when you get the opportunity to engage with a new homeowner lead, start by doing your homework, listen and ask questions, share your previous work, and then manage and exceed client expectations.

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