5 Simple and Effective Ways to Get Homeowner Leads to Call You Back

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It happens to all home service professionals at some point. You receive a job request through HomeStars, your website, or another marketing channel that goes nowhere. The so-called “interested” homeowner does not return your calls or messages about their upcoming repair or renovation project. What many contractors fail to see is that their follow-up may be the very thing that is driving prospects away. Follow these 5 simple tips to help leads call you back, resulting in more jobs on the books.

1. Get in Touch, Fast!

Homeowners are most likely to hire the first business to connect with them.

“I requested a plumber and got a very quick response. I went with the first one that replied since I was in a hurry to get the job done” – Zorica Mitrovich, HomeStars Google Review

The moment a homeowner submits a reno, repair or home service job request on HomeStars, they’re likely ready and willing to chat with a reputable contractor. There’s no better time to touch base than when their needs and curiosity have peaked. Reaching out to new leads in under 5 minutes is a sure way to show them you’re serious about working on their project – and increases your chances of winning the job from your competition.

2. Leave a Professional Voicemail

Don’t feel disheartened if a homeowner doesn’t answer your call. Consider this as another opportunity to showcase your professionalism. Here are some best-practices for leaving a voicemail:

  • Greet them by name, introduce yourself, and state your company name
  • Show appreciation by thanking them for their interest in your company
  • Let them know you would love to help or are interested in learning more about their project needs
  • Repeat your company name and phone number

The key here is to keep it polite, to the point, and enthusiastic!

3. Follow Up With a HomeStars Message or Email

If a homeowner does not answer, try an alternative contact method. For example, if you received the lead through HomeStars, then follow up using the HomeStars for Pros app with a friendly message letting them know you called. This way, the homeowner can easily access your portfolio of reviews, see your Verification stamp of approval, and re-confirm that you’re a reputable and trusted home service pro for the job!

If the lead came in from another marketing channel like social media or email, send a direct message or email letting the homeowner know you tried to connect and are interested in the project. Include a link to your HomeStars profile in the message, urging them to check out your glowing customer reviews, photo galleries, and more.

4. Timing is Everything; Try Again at a Better Time!

Keep a track of your interactions with homeowners and be persistant in doses. If a homeowner doesn’t answer your first call, it might not be the right time of day to discuss the project at hand. Perhaps you tried them while they were at the office, at a doctor’s appointment, or driving and unable to pick up. Try a second time over lunch or after business hours (but before dinner!) for a better opportunity to connect.

5. Be Courteous and Friendly

Your potential customer is hoping to hear from someone who is both polite and helpful. Being overconfident, indifferent or monotone in your communications is a sure way to send the homeowner lead running to your competition.

Put these 5 tips into action to help increase your chances of increasing your call-back rates and connecting with new customers!

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