Avoid this company like the plague! I was unfortunately referred to Thermal Cool Mechanical at 15 Airview Road by my Property Management when my heating unit failed. Dealing with this company has been nothing but a complete waste of my money, time and energy. Not to mention stress. They charged me almost double for parts (I found this out after the fact), they conveniently failed to suggest looking at my warranty, they put an unadvised $500 hold on my credit card when they took it for a bench test, they “suggested” replacing my entire unit with theirs instead of repairing it (and the repair cost was almost as high as the replacement cost ), they charged me to return my unit unrepaired ($85.00), and they JUST posted an unauthorized charge to my credit card after I just confirmed them on the phone that my account was settled. Something else to deal with now. They quoted me $2200+ HST to repair my unit. I just paid $1100+HST with a reputable company (see my review for Thermal Exchange) I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this shady company.

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I was disappointed in the service of the movers that were sent from Toronto Fire Movers. My service elevator was only booked from 4 - 6 pm, and I was advised that the guys would be at my address around 4:30 pm. They did not show up until 7 pm. This caused some difficulties for me, being in an empty apartment, while pregnant, for so many hours, and dealing with concierge to try to re-secure a service elevator for the move. Also, I found the movers worked very slow. They took one piece at at time, down the elevator from penthouse level to ground to load their truck - instead of loading up elevator until full! My other movers moved out my entire apartment in the same time it took them to move ONE BEDROOM SET and TV. They also damaged one wall in my old rental unit. At the other end, the movers had difficulty putting together the queen bed. I am not sure why, as my dad, brother and I had put it together ourselves before quite easily. I was not impressed with the service I received, nor would I recommend this service to any family members or friends in the future. Especially considering the high cost.

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Company Response

Wow - well what can we say - we feel very bad about letting our client down.

My name is Scott - I am one of the owners of the company. The situation above is why we very rarely have a crew do 2 moves in a day. As it turns out our crew got behind on their first job, and even further behind when they went to the right street, but the wrong part of town.

When we arrived we had missed the elevator window, meaning we were using the elevator like everyone else - which took more time than it should have.

Seeing this review on homestars was the first I had heard about it (our customer service manager was on vacation) and I immediately called the client to express our concerns.

We have refunded our customer an amount approximately equal to what the additional charges turned out to be, and we understand that she is happy with this resolution.

Satisfied customers are our paramount concern and we are committed to delivering this consistently.