-Took me one hour from the old house to the new with the same route. The drivers took 2.5 hours. -Charged me a credit card surcharge which is forbidden by VISA/MC/AMEX. A merchant is not allowed to charge any customer (in this case) 2%/3% to take your payment via a credit card versus cash. -Tried to contact the head office to figure out how to mitigate issue #1, and how to deal with broken items since they are allegedly insured, and never heard back. Overall I'm happy with the enthusiastic nature of the workers although less time spent chatting would be nice (I'm paying them to work after all), but I'm happy with the moving employees. Overall, I'm 50/50 with my most recent move.

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Company Response

Hello Vincent,

Good morning, it is unfortunate to see this review that you have posted based on our service. I will answer each of your concerns as I always did from the beginning.

Our truck arrived 1 hour and 20 minutes after you die to the fact that you took the 407 highway which is an express toll meaning no traffic on your end. However, we discussed that we were unable to use the 407 as our residential trucks don't use transponders. You had even told me that you knew there would be traffic for us. We have updated GPS systems that can show you our delay of 51 minutes on the 401 due to two accidents. Moving trucks also cannot go 100-120km/hour as normal cars can because of the size and weight in the truck.

Now, regarding the credit card processing fee, as of 2013, merchants are in fact allowed to charge up to 4% and anything beyond that is illegal. You were notified via email as well as verbal agreement that there would be a fee. Taxi cabs, convenience stores, a majority of moving companies and many other companies charge a surcharge when using your card. We give the option of paying debit (no fee), e-transfer, and cash.

You called the office when everyone was off for the day as we do head out at 3. I am sorry that we couldn't address with you on the day of but the team leader had explained the details. Regarding broken items, I was notified that it was a single item IKEA back piece to a shelf in which we will compensate for the replacement. Send us the info on the model and we can look into it.

It's always unfortunate to see that clients were happy with their movers and the service only to find a 4 Star review. Reviews are very damaging to a business especially in Homestars. As you can see we have an excellent rating here and your review has been the lowest score we have received in all or years of business including Google and Facebook reviews.

We hope you can accept this detailed response as a clear explanation and hope you reconsider the nature of your star rating. If you need anything clarified, feel free to contact me. We had great business interactions prior to your move.

Thank you!


Tony did two house inspections for me. The first house inspection revealed some serious issues which caused me to walk away from it. He saved me from massive headaches down the road. He was also very flexible with the second inspection as I needed him ASAP in order to finalize a deal. His knowledge and professionalism are truly appreciated by me. I didn't think I would learn much from a house inspection that I did not already know given the fact that I am a pro-sumer, but that said, he taught me many valuable things to look for am I am truly thankful for his help. I 1200% recommend Ancoe and Tony!

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Company Response

Thank you for your Review. I'm glad I could help out and enjoy your new home, she is a beauty.